BREAKING: Snake State Farm facing criminal investigation in Texas over Hurricane claims handling

Gee folks what else is new?  I wonder who the boogie man will be this time now that Dickie Scruggs isn’t around.

Texas’ Gregg Cox better get ready because when Ed Rust feels threatened he does very nasty things to people.  James Robie now sleeps with the fishes so Ed may need to break out the Wiretapper but I can pretty much guarantee Skadden partner Sheila Birnbaum will be slithering about. Gregg this will get very nasty indeed dude.

ABC News has all the skinny.


Diving accident claims life of State Farm attorney James Robie (dates corrected)

James Robie, 61, a partner in the Los Angeles firm Robie & Matthai, was State Farm’s top gun in Katrina litigation.  Robie represented State Farm at the January 15 12, 2011 Status Conference on the Rigsbys’ qui tam litigation and died the following day Sunday while making making a certification dive near Catalina island.

Although word just reached SLABBED today, his death was report in the San Francisco Chronicle and on Legal Pad.  The Metropolitan News-Enterprise , a Los Angeles daily, ran a longer story, as well as a recent update announcing plans for a memorial service on the 30th and a website with details and a guest book. recognizes him as both the “fierce adversary” we came to know in Katrina litigation and a man with “deep love and loyalty to his family and friends”. Condolences to his friends and family.