Slabbed: South Louisiana’s News Leader………;-)

Conjure up Mary Landrieu on Slabbed and Shazam!

A Senate subcommittee vote is indeed a baby step but worthy of a Clancy commentary? Hmmmmm.

Meantime over on Fox 8 Rob Masson spun an interesting fable predicated on the falsehood that Jim Letten was somehow responsible for prosecuting publicity hound James O’Keefe when in fact Letten recused himself from the O’Keefe prosecution per this John Simmerman story for the Advocate that I personally consider authoritative on the subject. The reason I term O’Keefe a publicity hound is the faux framing of his confrontation with the Lettens as parroted by the TeeVee news which seemingly thrives on spinning such conflict driven fable.

That said, like Jeffrey I would love to see the video of Big Jim getting it on with O’Keefe despite my overall opinion that O’Keefe is acting the part of douchebag here.

“I could be wrong” Twofer Tuesday……..

I could be wrong but I do not think the former Goatherder in Chief is getting out much these days or even interacting with the outside world for that matter.

Aaron Broussard listed among defense witnesses in Katrina flooding lawsuit against Jefferson Parish ~ Drew Broach

Maybe they can sneak a camera into FCI Butner and do a video depo.  😉

Moving right along, I could be wrong but it appears James O’Keefe is both a “Gonzo Journalist” (whatever the hell that is) and a complete moron.

Gonzo journalist charged in Landrieu caper confronts Letten ~ John Simerman