The Daily Slab – March 30

An aerial view shows a house with a sandbag levee is surrounded by floodwaters south of Fargo, North Dakota March 29, 2009.

All the sandbagging seems to be paying off for folks in North Dakota – so far – but it will be touch and go until river drops another couple of feet. However, it was all go for a young couple who married “surrounded by family and flood water”.  More pictures from North Dakota are here.

Closer to home, a Moss Point school will be closed today because of flooding.

Orange Lake Elementary School in Moss Point will be closed Monday due to flooding.

“This is the only school in the district at this point that is closed, but people should stay in touch with the media,” Myya Robinson, director of communications for the Moss Point School District, said Sunday night.

Tobacco lawsuit dollars tracked from Clarion-Ledger reporter Jerry Mitchell  story in the Sunday paper could lead one to believe Merkel is tracking reporters after Delaughter’s strong showing in last week’s motions – for example, this footnote from the Motion to Dismiss Counts Two, Three and Four:

The indictment concedes that Judge DeLaughter’s rulings in the Wilson v. Scruggs litigation were “not plainly unlawful.” Indictment at 2, ¶ 7. We take that double negative to mean that his rulings in fact were lawful and that the government will not attempt to show that any of Judge DeLaughter’s rulings favoring Scruggs was erroneous. (Judge DeLaughter made a number of rulings favoring Wilson during the indictment period. We assume the government will not contend that those rulings were erroneous.)

More during the the day as news comes our way – or yours.