Jefferson Parish School Board Member Pat Tovrea again in the news

It has been around a year since we’ve featured Jefferson Parish School Board member Pat Tovrea on these pages and I guess it must be something about the summer solstice that causes ol’ Pat has to act the part of a June jackass instead of school board member each year since he was elected but it is what it is folks.

Pat, welcome back.  :-)


Trout Point Lodge Trip Advisor: Let the traveler to Nova Scotia beware. A Charles Leary / Vaughn Perret business jackassery update.

Folks there would be reason that the reviews on the food at Trout Point Lodge that were not planted on Trip Advisor are bad but that is another post.  I simply wanted to use this post to highlight the fact that TripAdvisor seems to get it about Trout Point as they have added the following language to their Trout Point Lodge page:

Message from TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor has reasonable cause to believe that this property requires guests to agree not to post any opinions or photos of their stay on review sites such as TripAdvisor without the approval of the property. Please take this into consideration when researching your travel plans.

I also noted lots of people are finding Kirk Cheyfitz’s review on TripAdvisor “Hire a lawyer” very helpful. I know I do. Thanks Kirk!