Roll the dice for another round of CLUE – the River Birch version

Although some are still playing CLUE – the River Birch Version,  we need to roll the dice and start another round to make room for all the new clues filed today.

Let’s start with why the Government brought a “clean team” along when the FBI searched the third floor offices of River Birch: (Government’s Response)

A “clean team” or privilege review team was assigned to the execution of a search warrant in this case due to the investigators’ knowledge that Peter Butler, Sr., a licensed attorney, worked within River Birch’s offices at 2000 Belle Chasse Highway. Investigators were concerned about the possible seizure of documents that could be subject to a privilege between an attorney and client.

Which leads to the one additional document filed today, the Plaintiffs’ Memorandum Regarding File Cabinets and File Folders – AKA SCRABBLE!

…The tan filing cabinet in the file room contains River Birch, Inc.’s old files on numerous matters, including reports on environmental regulation and compliance, various law suits, information about vendors and customers, and agreements with environmental consultants. The files in this cabinet date from approximately 1993 to approximately 2007.

The plaintiffs are unsure whether the Government seized any documents from this cabinet. However, everything currently in this tan filing cabinet was not seized by the Government. Any documents returned by the Government after the search are in the possession of undersigned counsel and have not been re-filed. (emphasis added)

The boxes of files copied and returned are full of clues – too bad River Birch didn’t peek as a good many in Box 2 likely came from the tan cabinet holding files from 1993-2007 – perhaps, even this one, at least in part:

NC General Contractors cancelled checks and bank statements 12/30/07 – 5/2010. Continue reading “Roll the dice for another round of CLUE – the River Birch version”