OK folks I’ve gotten enough emails. Here are a few links of interest:

Coast eyes are on Stacey Pickering ~ Paul Hampton

Whitney Pickering: No tears allowed in fight against cancer ~ Sherry Lucas

SunHerald.com changes its commenting policy today ~ Kate Magandy-Holzhauser

My interest here is mostly scientifically based complete with mathematical component as is my wont. A more artistic way of viewing the same problem set can be found here. Worth noting is that it was Whitmergate that turned me on to the artistic way of looking at the same thing demonstrating the power of community sourcing. A fair read of the comments to the last link indicates the inherent fallacy to using Facebook as the commenting gatekeeper.

Must read: What planet am I on? American Zombie

I watched 75 minutes of Fox 8’s late news last night and am in lockstep with Jason on how he is calling this. Simply put dredging up Cedric Richmond to talk about anyone’s integrity or lack thereof, is about as bad as Tommy Tucker at Payola radio lowering the boom on Perricone.

Maybe instead of  yammering about suing Perricone on the TeeVee, perhaps Pat Fanning and Chick Foret should put their money where their mouths are and file suit if they think Perricone defamed them.  And about Perricone’s alleged threat directed at Ray Ray the Chocolate guy?  If it were that serious, why was nothing done about it when the comment was left years ago, instead of way after the fact when the identity of the poster became known? Simple folks, because Ray Ray did not perceive a threat by what Perricone allegedly wrote back in the day, though I’ll grant the comment in question did come close to crossing the mythical line.

I’m not taking up for Perricone but the “news” coverage now has me scratching my head. The lesson here folks is if you value your privacy, especially if you are a proverbial knowledgable insider, stay away from newspaper and TeeVee websites as these businesses will, if given the opportunity, eat their own young in exchange for ratings.