Who knew we all shudda put in for combat pay……..

When I read this last bombshell from NOLA Media Group Editor/Reporter Gordon Russell my first thought was to take a peek back at Slabbed circa February 2011. I think I understand why Heebe was searching for an internet commenter and this snippet from Gordon’s must read explains it:

The hotel has a computer set up for public use by guests; it was easily accessible to anyone walking in off the street. Heebe’s legal team had identified a comment that intrigued them — one that referenced James “Dutchie” Connick, a lobbyist for River Birch, the landfill Heebe co-owns.

As I recall the heat was on Heebe then as he had the full court press going with Judge Ginger to undo parts of the FBI raid on River Birch HQ.

Finally all eyes on Jason Berry over at AZ as he shared that surveillance photo used in Gordon’s story with me many weeks ago. He is promising to add some info and I personally can’t wait.

“The truth is beginning to emerge.”

Its so on: Fred Heebe lawyers up with some of DC's finest criminal defense lawyers

All three new lawyers added to Team Heebe come from the Washington DC based firm of Williams and Connolly. The recently issued order admitting Tobin Romero Pro Hac Vice is identical to the ones admitting Brendan Sullivan and Robert Cary. Whadda you folks reckon the combined hourly rate of these 3 gents adds to?  I’m thinking somewhere close to $2,000/hour.

This is getting good.


Henry Mouton cops a plea. Agrees to help Feds in the case against Team Heebe/Ward/River Birch

This is old news by now folks. In reality nothing much happened today except that the marriage between Teams Letten and Mouton was made official today by Judge Martin Feldman. If Mr Mouton delivers the goods as expected he will get off very light. Game theory has a very good explanation of what lead us to this point in the concept of Prisoner’s Dilemma. Mouton is the first documented squealer so it is fair to believe he is in line for the best deal from Team Letten.  For Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson, Tim Whitmer and wifey Dawn this may not be perceived as bad news for them but trust folks it is very bad news for them.

With what we’ve seen on these pages about Mouton, if he delivers like we all think he can I personally have no problem with the 50 lashes with a wet noodle concept for him.


James Gill visits Fred and Jennifer Heebe’s secret garden and finds an economist in the woodpile…

What can I say folks except I think no one takes River Birch’s Loren Scott seriously. They take us seriously by golly and as proof I offer today’s column by James Gill at the Times Picayune. Now if they had only managed to snag a picture of Jennifer Sneed-Heebe in her million dollar Mardi Gras ball gown…..


Stuck on Cyber-Stupid: May I be so bold as to offer some free advice to the folks at the Times Picayune.

I personally recommend the lightest of touch on the delete button, especially when the topic is controversial like yesterday’s Times Picayune society pump of Fred and Jennifer Heebe of River Birch trash fame. You see, while staying with the Pollyanna in comments may make Freddie and the gang over at the mansion happy but it also makes it look as if the Times Picayune is covering for a crook:

The TP ran this story in spite of the Federal investigation concerning the Heebes, which would indicate that this mansion was bought with dirty money from dirty Jefferson Parish business deals. Each and every comment alluding to this was pulled down yesterday. Let’s see how early the “comment yanker” wakes up on Sundays. As you delete this comment, please feel the shame of glorifying people who are crooks and who, in due time, will be in the Federal penitentiary . . . at least one of them anyway.

Now I would never presume to tell anyone else what to write mainly because I don’t like it when someone presumes to tell me the subject matter that I should be writing about. For me, I’m only good writing on topics that interest me and to that extent, if contributing society pumper R. Stephanie Bruno wants to take the turd that is the Heebes and pretend it smells like lavender more power to her!  That said, in order to maintain credibility with the reading public, ALL points of view (that do not cross into defamation, slander or libel) should be allowed in comments. Continue reading “Stuck on Cyber-Stupid: May I be so bold as to offer some free advice to the folks at the Times Picayune.”

Slabbed visits the “secret garden” of River Birch’s Fred Heebe and his wife Jennifer Sneed Heebe: Our business stinks and we live it up.

Chris Granger / The Times Picayune

Contributing pumper R. Stephanie Bruno tells the story while T-P photo journalist Chris Granger has the must see photos of the opulence of the local trash biz elites on the Avenue.


Gone fishing – River Birch Plaintiffs’ opposition to Court’s ex parte, in camera review of search warrant affidavit

Catch of the day from yesterday’s docket entries in Heebe-Ward-River Birch  v USA  was the Plaintiffs’ opposition brief filed after the evidentiary hearing.  As noted in the Minute Entry for the hearing, the Government asked the Court to conduct an ex parte, in camera review of the sealed affidavit to the search warrant.

In their opposition, the Plaintiffs contend:

…the Government has not offered any legal support for its request that the search warrant application affidavit be considered by the Court while simultaneously withheld from Plaintiffs. The Government’s only justification is that disclosing it could compromise its ongoing investigation. The Government cannot have it both ways. If the Government wants to use this search warrant application affidavit as evidence in this civil case, then the affidavit must be disclosed absent some exception to the main rule that ex parte determinations on the merits are not permitted in civil cases. Eisenberg, 654 F.2d at 1112. Here, however, the Government has failed to provide any authority in support of its ex parte submission or even argue that there is an applicable exception.

A plain English reading of the Opposition suggests the Plaintiffs’ argument makes the Government’s case – particularly when the judge has the civil rights focus of Federal District Judge Ginger Berrigan. My not-a-lawyer guess is the sealed affidavit names the informant who tippped the Government to the “spoilage” of evidence taking place on the third floor of the River Birch office building – making the Plaintiffs’ Opposition a fishing expedition. Continue reading “Gone fishing – River Birch Plaintiffs’ opposition to Court’s ex parte, in camera review of search warrant affidavit”

The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.

Make no mistake folks, this scandal will end up leading not only to John Alario but also to Former Gov Mike Foster, Billy Tauzin, David Vitter and likely Team Landrieu.   Steve Theriot and daughter Wanda were last seen with doughnut glaze on their chins.

Let’s kick off the coverage with Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune who did a great job connecting Mouton to Fred Heebe. It is an open secret that former Gov Mike Foster’s administration was openly for sale so this little gem from Murphy himself at the end of Rainey’s piece was priceless: Continue reading “The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.”

BREAKING: We have an indictment. I repeat we have an indictment.

Gordon Russell has the skinny for the Times Picayune.  It seems the Old Gentilly Landfill connection to the River Birch saga is beginning to manifest itself.  We’ll see if the whore hopping V man, Diaper David Vitter’s name pops up down the line on this general topic.

This could well be the evidence of another crime Team Letten referred to earlier in a pleading before Judge Ginger on the River Birch search saga.

This is not a good sign for Teams Ward/Heebe IMHO as I have little doubt who was making the payoffs.

Another politician that is likely keeping a very concerned eye on these events, especially the prospect of low-level crooks like Mouton turning state’s evidence is John Alario.


“CLUE” – the River Birch version

It was NAAS, and not Colonel Mustard, who launched the River Birch version of CLUE® with this question posted to  Judge Berrigan orders River Birch to file a floor plan with the Court:

Which “team” is it that reviews seized documents and records to cull out the truly privileged, confidential or unrelated documents not covered by the warrant?

Pull a card from the Government’  Opposition to Return of Seized Property and Incorporated Memorandum (scribd format below) and the game begins with this “clue”:

Special Agent Bezet and other agents made every lawful effort to separate what was believed to be attorney-client privileged material for a late inspection by a taint team. As noted in Petitioner’s Memorandum, a “clean team” was on scene to collect items from Peter Butler, Sr.’s office at 2000 Belle Chasse Hwy. 

The Government rolled the dice and submitted clues about “who done it” in  Attachment B to the Warrant authorizing the search of the River Birch office building AKA Exhibit H in the Opposition (text-only Exhibits incorporated with brief in scribd format below): Continue reading ““CLUE” – the River Birch version”