Is the Media Falling Short on Vetting Muni Candidates here on the Coast?

I think the answer to that question overall is yes. How about an interesting compare and contrast between the NOLA Media and the Coast Media in how the Candidates were covered first up the NOLA Media:

New Orleans mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock accused of masturbating during Uber ride in California ~ Jeff Adelson

Now for Coast media. I found this story on a City Council Candidate in Bay St Louis:

Meet Ward Four Bay Council Candidate Larry Smith: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt ~ Douglas Handshoe

We have much more coming on Larry, who was last seen with his foot in his mouth.

Regarding then Moss Point Mayoral Candidate Mario King this is what I found.


Why do I bring up King? Here’s why: Continue reading “Is the Media Falling Short on Vetting Muni Candidates here on the Coast?”

Please pardon the absence, which does make the heart grow fonder…

We’re having a high time visiting with Tank and setting up the rest of the month. It is good to get a break.

Meantime we have a City Councilman in Diamondhead nominating Water and Sewer Board members he was conflicted from voting upon with the nominating being read from his cell phone, ostensibly with a third party texting the fella exactly what to say. The video on Facebook was clear about that part of the last meeting being a clown show but there is more in the Inspector General Review underway at the Diamondhead Water and Sewer District, which may be why the Councilman was trying to nominate a buddy, despite being conflicted. And yes, the larger story even has an in flagrante delicto component but we already knew Diamondhead was a boiling cauldron of lust, sex and avarice.

If all this sounds like a big tease it’s because it is a tease but in order to dissect an OIG report DMR style we have to have an OIG report to dissect so we patiently wait and collect muck (and take a break).

Consider this an open thread.

Tweet Traction: What y’all are reading

I’m hoping a new format to the old open link posts will catch on here. Based on twitter stats this is what you guys are reading from the Slabbed Twitter Timeline:

Next is a tweet from this morning that garnered instant interactions:

Read the comments over at the following Gulflive story. Based on what I have been hearing out of Oceans Springs things are not well politically for long time Mayor Connie Moran: Continue reading “Tweet Traction: What y’all are reading”