The Louisiana ODC breaks out the wet noodle and gives Lawyer Claude Lightfoot a pass on fraudulent legal conduct, A why the legal system is broken update.

Of all the stories we’ve covered on Slabbed the Impeachment of US District Court Judge G Thomas Porteous was some of our most nationally recognized in terms of major news outlets reading us for background and real time information. I mention this because we were harboring no illusions that the disciplinary process for the host of unethical dishonest lawyers that enabled some of Porteous’ most egregious conduct would result in anything other than window dressing and have no consequences that would deter the type of outrageous behavior uncovered by the impeachment proceedings.  Today I hate to see our low expectations were probably not set low enough as Drew Broach at the Times Picayune breaks the news that lawyer Claude Lightfoot, the guy who falsified a bankruptcy petition for Porteous and his wife, has been suspended for a one month for his role in corrupting the legal process.

Those so interested can read the opinion at the LADB website here.  To justify giving Lightfoot the wet noodle they had to concoct an excuse and it appears the fact Mrs pOrteous boo hooed in front of Claude was enough justification for a 20 year veteran lawyer to completely abandon his sense of ethics as far as the LADB was concerned:

Although not mentioned by the Committee, the record supports substantial experience in the practice of law as the sole aggravating factor in this matter. The Committee declined to include the additional aggravating factors put forth by ODC of (a) a dishonest and selfish motive; and (b) a pattern of misconduct. The Board likewise does not find these two aggravating factors as (a) the record reflects that Respondents misguided effort to help his clients was motivated by compassion for his clients; there is nothing in the record that supports he was motivated by selfish reasons or dishonest reasons; and (b) the record makes it clear that Respondents misconduct in this matter is a single blemish on an otherwise reputable and meaningful 24 year law career. Continue reading “The Louisiana ODC breaks out the wet noodle and gives Lawyer Claude Lightfoot a pass on fraudulent legal conduct, A why the legal system is broken update.”

Slabbed News Miscellany: Real men don’t stuff!

While we continue researching the deleterious impacts of SPS on the local bar and work on a longer term project for the next series of posts that will kick up one of those patented Slabbed shit storms allow me to offer a few links for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation.

First up is that we could have been a contender food blog.  I actually love to cook and have the waistline to prove it and actually have wondered of late how I would be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner without compromising Saintsgiving.  So while I decide whether or not we head to the Silver Slipper or cook at home next Thursday I know I’ll try the Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe in today’s Judy Walker’s food column regardless.

Next up is disgraced Judge Thomas pOrteous.  The trial summary has now been released and the next stop is the impeachment vote, probably by the middle of next month. I think our readers will get a kick out of Porteous lawyer / publicity hound Jonathan Turley, who has been doing the gentle pump of his crooked client on his blog.

Moving right along I saw the B.B. “Sixty” Rayburn Correction Center at Angie has a new chapel thanks to some big-hearted donors. Sixty’s name came up earlier this week while we were on assignment in NOLA.  I had the chance to spend a couple of days intermittently talking with Sixty over a decade ago and the part of his Wiki bio about him being “A raconteur, Rayburn entertained many with his lively reminiscences of the historic (Earl) Long era” is spot on.  Sixty had stories on Mississippi’s Governor Bilbo too as he was originally a Mississippi guy. They just don’t make politicians (crooked or otherwise) like Sixty Rayburn anymore.

Finally we have more wacky and wild adventures here in Mississippi, this time in central Mississippi.  It seems some folks at the Mendenhall High School have a hatred of Breast Cancer research to go along with the tails they sport. Continue reading “Slabbed News Miscellany: Real men don’t stuff!”

I think by now most everyone knows that Tom pOrteous sons have been subpoenaed…..

Timmy, Tommy and Michael all look to be going up the hill.  Tommy was evidently let go by Baldwin Haspel per Sock’s recent comment.

Tom pOreteous will be going down hard folks.  His refusal to resign exposes others like former Jefferson Parish DA John Mamoulides.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the lightbulbs go off with some of the knowledgable folks I talk with who have been previously puzzled about my inquiries regarding the former DA.

Those with a stake in this very high stakes game are not sitting on their hands folks.  Mr pOrteous, by his actions, intend to take others down with him.  Mamoulides is one such example IMHO. This one has the makings of a real donnybrook so everyone get your popcorn ready.

Porteous, Mamoulides and Jack Capella are all long time Jefferson Parish political machine guys. Porteous practiced in Harahan to be precise, before running for judge on the 24th Judicial District.  In Jefferson Parish having the DA on board has long been part of the successful path to getting on the bench.  That trend may be changing though. Continue reading “I think by now most everyone knows that Tom pOrteous sons have been subpoenaed…..”

We forgot to mention yesterday we had a copy of the fee letter from Mole to Gardner in the Porteous impeachment case.

We have some friends that have friends…..well you guys know, we have sources in some amazing places.  🙂

Our newer readers should start with Whitmergate’s post yesterday which dealt with Joseph Mole’s testimony in the House impeachment proceedings against Federal Judge Tom Porteous.  Judge Tom liked to tote water for big businesses such as Rowan Drilling and home cooked plaintiffs that sued the clients of his lawyer friends that paid for the vacations, booze, food and gambling.  This of course does not include his mistress though I’m certain she plays into the full narrative heavily.

So without further adieu I’ve embedded the Mole/Gardner fee letter below the fold. Continue reading “We forgot to mention yesterday we had a copy of the fee letter from Mole to Gardner in the Porteous impeachment case.”

MOLE’S THEORY OF RATIONALIZATION: An Outcome Determinative Fee – a Whitmergate guest post

Yes, I afraid so craplapalooza...and yes, oy vey is right !

Unlike Enstein’s Theory of Relativity which enriched the sciences of physics and astronomy, Mole’s theory of Rationalization decays the social tenets of ethics and morals.

This is yet another installment in the seemingly ‘neverending story’ of the impeachment proceedings against Tom Porteous, Federal Judge, LAED.  Mr. Joseph Mole became an active participant in this debacle when he enrolled as counsel for Landmark in the infamous Liljeberg case heard by Porteous while he was an sitting judge.

The facts and the legal issues concerning this case are irrelevant to the labyrinth of depravity I intend to critique; that being the presence of the ‘White Elephants’ in the courtroom and how they got there; the cameo appearances of attorneys who were close personal friends of Porteous ; Mr. Lenny Levenson and Mr. Jake Amato at bar for Liljeberg, and Mr. Joseph Mole and Mr. Don Gardner representing Lifemark.  One would only have to read the numerous postings registered on Slabbed for a more detailed synopsis of the circumstances surrounding this fertile ground of judicial corruption and unethical, and possibly illegal conduct by all attorneys associated with this trial.  Truly an unmitigated assault by all concerned directed toward the very core beliefs we were instilled with growing up; the ideals of fairness, honesty and decency.  These very same intrinsic civilized values that we had hoped would sustain our society’s sense of law and order. Instead, an institutional collapse of the legal profession is unfolding before our very eyes, and proof positive is the reading of both Mr. Mole’s testimony at the Congressional Impeachment proceedings and his fee proposal to retain Mr. Gardner.

This personality contest of which lawyer would have more influence with Judge Porteous to shape the outcome of the trial was exacerbated by Mr. Mole’s negotiating to hire Mr. Don C. Gardner in an attempt to’ balance the scales’ of favoritism, not justice. In fact it is Mr. Mole’s letter of February 18, 1997, addressed to Mr. Don C. Gardner c/o Thomas G Wilkinson , 320 Huey P. Long Ave., Gretna, Louisiana, referencing the Lifemark Hospitals of Louisiana, Inc. v. Liljeberg Enterprises, Inc. that gives the best evidence that our legal system is spiraling into the abyss of total chaos; a resigned state of amoral bankruptcy.

What was Mr. Mole thinking ?  Continue reading “MOLE’S THEORY OF RATIONALIZATION: An Outcome Determinative Fee – a Whitmergate guest post”

House voting on Porteous Impeachment

Sop was one step ahead and watching on C-SPAN when he caught the Times Picayune story: Thomas Porteous impeachment vote scheduled for today:

The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote today on whether to impeach New Orleans U.S. District Judge Thomas Porteous.

On Jan. 27, the House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved four articles of impeachment against Porteous, accusing him of taking money, expensive meals and other gifts from lawyers and a bail bond company with business before him and making false statements in a personal bankruptcy filing.

Though much of the “improper conduct” occurred when he was a state judge, the Judiciary Committee decided he had an obligation to disclose his actions during his nomination and confirmation process in 1994…

Porteous, 63, continues to receive his $174,000 federal judicial salary, but has been barred from hearing cases until September 2010. If the Senate doesn’t vote to remove him from office or he doesn’t resign, Porteous would be able to resume hearing cases in September.

Anyone else wondering how much more will we learn about his “improper conduct” as a state judge as the story of corruption in Jefferson Parish unfolds?