Worshiping Republican Jesus at OLG in the Bay…….

They call election time the silly season for a reason. My own opinion is Mike is one of the Pharisee Hypocrites that Classic Jesus warns everyone about in the good book. In these polarizing times I’m sure there are those that would beg to differ.

My Dad was a very simple man in respects who did not have a high school diploma but he came up in a much different time joining the Marines at age 16 during the Second World War. On his deathbed he explained why he had two ministers coming in to check on him one being a Marine Corps Chaplin that would later officiate his funeral. “Never trust a preacher that sells more than salvation” he explained to me why he wanted the Marine Corps Chaplin instead of his family’s Baptist minister. That piece of wisdom has stuck with me ever since.

The reasons for the decline in U.S. Catholicism and Christianity can be traced.

At Singing River Health, even ethics are a secret

First some nice music:

SUN HERALD | Editorial: SRHS builds wall of secrecy taller and taller

Yup, they got ’em alright….. 😉

SRHS refuses to release records on potential conflicts of interest ~ Anita Lee

SRHS Letter to Anita Lee
Sun Herald File / SRHS PRR denial Re: Anita Lee request

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Senator Vitter shares his views on Sexual Assualt: If it feels good you might as well enjoy it

Isn’t this the way America, Inc. works, you first severely limit an individuals access to the judicial system while loudly proclaiming everyone should have their day in court. Then you vote in lockstep with America Inc. when the wrong in the system is identified.

This we do know about David Vitter. He called for Clinton to resign in writing while he was cuddled up with both the religious right and cheap whores in DC. If you are a female rape victim……..well according to ol’ Dave you’re just SOL. (H/t Editilla) The fact the Louisiana GOP is standing by their man in spite of this tells more about the state of (and stench in) the party and than anything I could add.

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