He’s backkkkkkk………………….

Jefferson Parish Housing Authority appointment has history of consulting with authority’s contractors ~ Ben Myers

There is actually much that I could add but I won’t because once you say it all there is no sense rehashing things.

Meantime despite the lack of new content things have been busy:

For my part in the cultural exchange, I learned that good print journalists have the same jaded and cynical streak in Romania as here in the US.

After, I met with a couple of sources familiar with the Jefferson Parish political scene. Continue reading “He’s backkkkkkk………………….”

Indictment rumors are swirling in Jefferson Parish

Like chootin’ fish in a barrel folks.  Here are the areas people are talking about.

The Housing Authority checks in as number 1.  Ben Myers wrote a piece for NOLA.com a week or so back that touches on several areas of interest.

Number 2 is Thompson Thibodeaux Community Development Corp., a story that Slabbed helped pioneer and when you talk about Thompson Thibodeaux you gotta include former Councilman Byron Lee and his cuz/predecessor Mark Spears, especially since Lee pulled the race card back in November to explain his nefarious activities with respect to Thompson Thibodeaux.

Here are a few other links of interest:

Byron Lee, Mark Spears bristle at audit report that public money helped their relatives, associates ~ Andrea Shaw

After four months in limbo, political pawn lands different job, higher pay ~ Adriane Quinlan

Jefferson Parish inspector general, president agree on email access; Councilman Mark Spears unsatisfied ~ Ben Myers

Jefferson inspector general regains access to all parish email ~ Jeff Adelson

Stay tuned because my best sources in Jefferson Parish are urging me to stay frosty and alert.

BREAKING: I’m getting word the FBI is at the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority (UPDATED)

The exact term in the text message was the JP Housing Authority has been “raided” by the FBI. I’ll have more details as they become available.

I have confirmed the FBI raid with another source. Book ’em Dano!

Adventures in Jefferson Parish Leadership Fails. John Young and his ghosts plus Barry Bordelon sticks the tab on the taxpayers plus Sheriff Noodles on hot seat

Whew folks that is a mouthful! I am pleased to announce Slabbed will remain on the Jefferson Parish beat as there is never a dull moment in the “aorta of corruption”! First up is Parish Prez John Young.

After studying this millage renewal thing for a few weeks I now draw 2 conclusions:

  1. There is a critical mass of people that will not vote for any new taxes for the local politicians and their cronies to squander and loot. (See below)
  2. Last week’s emergency council meeting on the failure of the Jefferson Parish water and sewer millage renewals, disgraceful as it was with all the itinerant grandstanding, is mostly John Young’s fault.

Say what?  Is Slabbed blaming John Young for the defeat of the renewals?  No.  His fault is a lack of leadership. Clancy DuBos explains for Gambit:

Instead of admitting he dropped the ball, which is what a real leader would do, Young repeatedly tried to deflect blame onto others, including the parish’s bond counsel. He also claimed that his administration mounted a bona fide effort to educate voters about the millage. That was simply untrue. All in all, Young’s performance during and after the “campaign” was a classic, and classless, display of political cowardice.

Drop the ball or not Young threw his own people under the bus last week. Bad form, very bad form indeed. Speaking of bad form even John Young and Clancy DuBos would be forced to admit I called this whole Richard Hart disaster from wayyyyyy far back. Let’s review with this snippet from my first post on the topic:

Next up is deputy chief operating officer Richard Hart. Hart, John Young’s #3 man in the Parish pecking order came to the Parish from his gig as executive director of the state Department of Agriculture and Forestry and is credited for helping pick and poach Chris Cox from the US Attorney’s office for the #2 spot in Team Young. I mention Hart because some of the birdies are telling me he is the new administrator that most reminds them of Tim Whitmer in terms of being a ruthless snake in the grass. The birdies tell me that Hart has a checkered background that makes him a most worthy candidate for further exploration here on Slabbed so I’ll float the balloon and see if our readers can fill in some blanks.

And then less than a year later Slabbed broke the bad news: Continue reading “Adventures in Jefferson Parish Leadership Fails. John Young and his ghosts plus Barry Bordelon sticks the tab on the taxpayers plus Sheriff Noodles on hot seat”

Law Enforcement on the move: A four pack of previous Slabbed topics.

As FBI moves in, Janus voted out as D’Iberville city manager ~ Mary Perez

Criminal investigation examining Jefferson Parish Housing Authority, sources say ~ Manuel Torres

Somethings tells me Slabbed will end up giving some of the Housing Authority types an “Alfortish Special”. 😉

Louisiana attorney general passes on sanctions against Orleans judges for suspect spending ~ John Simerman

Slabbed played a very small role in the above when Judge Calvin Johnson used these pages to get in a word on the subject. Meantime disgraced former NOLA pol Sherman Copeland is back in the news:

Bond set at $10,000 for former New Orleans state Rep. Sherman Copelin Jr. ~ Michele Hunter

Thursday links: Henry Shane’s public records suit delayed, Ethics charges delayed, Housing Authority delaying……

Or in the parlance of the insurance litigation: Delay, Deny, Defend.  Here are three links along those lines:

Hearing on political email through Jefferson Parish agency pushed back ~ Paul Purpura

Ethics case against River Birch takes back seat to criminal probe again ~ Manuel Torres

Jefferson Housing Authority members moving parish suit to federal court ~ Manuel Torres

Now regarding this legal war between the Parish council and the Housing Authority Board. In it simplest, most boiled down terms the fight is about the financial interests of one man in Gary Lala as it intersects with the desire in the Gretna political set to keep subsidized housing out of that City.  Everything else is smoke and mirrors except the stealing and looting, which is very real.

Vital background on Lala can be found here and here.

Sacked: Jefferson Parish Housing Authority members shit-canned by Parish Prez John Young

Drew Broach is reporting John Young has fired 6 board members of the JP Housing Authority.  In addition to the 3 board members that openly supported disgraced former executive director Barry Bordelon he also discharged the 3 board members that abstained likely because they choose to sit on their hands instead of discharge their fiduciary duty to the Housing Authority.

Political observers tell Slabbed to expect the Housing Authority Board to file writs with the 24th JDC for a TRO. Pop some popcorn because we got us a major battle brewing.

File this one under power of the written word.

Post holiday news miscellany

I guess it is time to crank things back up after Thanksgiving. I had the dessert cart this year and kept things kid friendly making Lemon squares, Blonde brownies along with the traditional pumpkin pie.  Since Pizza buns were a hit with the kid set last year we tried Stuffed pizza this year and it is a keeper.  While everyone works off all the good eats here are several links of interest:

Wanna work people up and get them good and mad?  Kill and mutilate a few dolphins as the Sun Herald editorial board explains.  The panel of marine experts in the Slabbed nation seem to think a local shrimper has gone postal.

Next up is another editorial from the Sun Herald that is extraordinary in respects on the taxpayer funded land graft at the DMR where they joined Slabbed in calling for a federal investigation.  Judging from the murmurs coming from the peanut gallery we’re both a bit late to that party and that is not a bad thing per se.  The DMR withholding public documents from reporter Karen Nelson is beyond disgraceful but about par for the course. That said where there is a will there is a way as the information is out there.

Next up we go way back to early November for the fake cover of Paula Broadwell’s book on former CIA director Petraeus as reported by ABC affiliate in Denver.  The Youtube embed below is thus worth the watch.

Next up is Hurricane Sandy as people are still yammering about it in the news and social media.  Slabbed is feeling the love too as google is leading people who are now being shafted by their insurance companies to our exhaustive Katrina wind water legal dispute archives. That topic after all, is where the Slabbed’s moniker originates so the extra traffic fits. But alas these days hazard mitigation is on my mind and the post Sandy media landscape is having that discussion as well so along those lines I chuckled when a reader emailed this New York Times story on Sandy featuring Dauphin Island Alabama, the undisputed repetitive loss champion of the US.  The piece featured all the usual suspects and special interests that Slabbed has skewered from time to time along with former skeweree turned friend to the Slabbed Nation Western Carolina U professor Rob Young.  This snippet from the story sums things up on the topic: Continue reading “Post holiday news miscellany”

The last issue of the old Times Picayune: Aaron Broussard excoriated on the editorial page.

Times Picayune pundit Jarvis DeBerry normally writes on issues we do not cover on Slabbed but I read just about everything he writes in his columns.  That said Jarvis has been burdened with a secret since just before Hurricane Katrina concerning the former Goatherder-in-Chief and he let it all out yesterday and then some.  He conveys a simple truth that Broussard was far more than an accomplished con man as he was also a thug despite the phony emotional displays on national Tee Vee after Hurricane Katrina.

Jarvis’ column paired nicely the Editorial Board’s River Birch’s money spoke loudly in Louisiana: Editorial. Somewhere in my memory banks I seem to remember that money extends to the coast as well.  I’ll have more on that when the time is right.

Finally on Saturday the gang chimed in with this piece on Barry Bordelon’s return to the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority as councilman at large Chris Roberts engages in his favorite pastime: Grandstanding. It’s a councilmatic thing evidently.  😉

Something tells me this will be a big week here on Slabbed.


Paul Rioux sings his swan song before leaving the T-P: “Audit slams Jefferson Parish Housing Authority payments to governing board, legislator’s company”

And folks he did a great job with the topic to boot before leaving the T-P to join the BGR.  Worth noting are Barry Bordelon’s nonsensical responses to the audit are highlighted in the story.  Also worth noting is Waggaman’s George Amato aka George Peterson chimed in with some spot on commentary to Rioux’s piece pointing out:

Diversified Ventures floated a bogus $50,000 invoice through the Parish after Hurricane Katrina. It was presented by former Jefferson Parish District 3 Councilman Byron Lee and pushed through by former Parish President Aaron Broussard.

Also, Diversified Ventures is tied to the illicit non-profit Jefferson Sports & Scholastic Foundation which was ran by Lester Dunn, Byron Lee’s campaign finance manager.

This is all part of the ongoing activities of the “Marrero Mafia” that gave us the likes of Derrick Shepard, Judge Alan Green and ties to the Jefferson clan. Hmm, where does Councilman Mark Spears fit into this we wonder???

How Byron Lee and Girod Jackson fit into the narrative of Broussard’s post Katrina taxpayer-funded largess remains to be seen but they clearly do.

We’re going to have more on the Housing Authority as John Young is suggesting a house cleaning, a great idea so long as the current group of perpetrators is not recycled out in favor of other politically connected herd of swine.