Its so on: Fred Heebe lawyers up with some of DC's finest criminal defense lawyers

All three new lawyers added to Team Heebe come from the Washington DC based firm of Williams and Connolly. The recently issued order admitting Tobin Romero Pro Hac Vice is identical to the ones admitting Brendan Sullivan and Robert Cary. Whadda you folks reckon the combined hourly rate of these 3 gents adds to?  I’m thinking somewhere close to $2,000/hour.

This is getting good.


Neither rain nor cold (nor politics) stopped Judge Berrigan – Paul Rioux reports on “The Tour”

Berrigan arrived shortly before 10 a.m., wearing a bright red coat to guard against the chill and drizzle.

Paul Rioux’s story on – Judge tours River Birch offices to help determine if federal raid went too far – reports, “She spoke with attorneys from both sides under an awning for several minutes before entering the former bank building”.

Interesting.  Although it’s never “safe” to make assumptions, in this case, it’s safe to assume the physical space was well-suited for a blended operation.  Compliance with federally established exit requirements would be particularly important to a bank – and further weaken the Heebe-River Birch argument.

Exit routes must be permanent parts of the workplace. (think the white metal door in the “executive office”)

Exit stairs that continue beyond the level on which the exit discharge is located must be interrupted at that level by doors (another door beyond the white metal door in the “executive office)

Side-hinged exit doors must be used to connect rooms to exit routes…[and]…swing out in the direction of exit travel (the open dark finished door leading into the “executive office with a modular workspace clearly evident on the other side) OHSA Fact Sheet: Exits

According to Rioux’s story, Berrigan responded to a reporter’s question saying only that she “saw a lot of interesting things” – but, what she didn’t see should have been of even greater interest:

River Birch attorneys asked Berrigan to take note of the building directory at the main entrance listing the seven firms with offices on the third floor. The federal agent in charge of the raid has said he didn’t see the directory, but the firm contends it is clearly visible to anyone who uses the entrance.

Meanwhile, the government asked Berrigan to focus on the lack of “separate, independent, identifying labels or placards” for the various businesses sharing common office space.

Rouix also mentions the one of the government’s 140 photographs showed “a half-dozen empty pizza boxes on a counter, presumably from a lunch break during the 11-hour raid”. IMO, Judge Berrigan was far more likely to have noticed the disparity between the table where the module-inhabiting staff ate and the one for used for executive dining (and counting) than Continue reading “Neither rain nor cold (nor politics) stopped Judge Berrigan – Paul Rioux reports on “The Tour””

River Birch tried “volley” – latest shot in the Tournament of Trash was a backhand that fell shorter than a Venus Williams’ skirt

The Times-Picayune got the story out River Birch launches new volley in Jefferson Parish landfill debate:

River Birch Inc. opened a new front Thursday in its effort to sway public opinion in the Jefferson Parish landfill debate.

The company placed a full-page advertisement in The Times-Picayune as its latest flyer landed in residents’ mailboxes…Both pieces take aim at Waste Management, the company that now operates the parish-owned landfill at Waggaman…

While Nancy Drew tried to use the story as an attempt to thwart his effort to revirginate John Young, Tele called the shot:

The return PO, PO BOX 1938, Gretna, is that of LIVE OAK HOMES CORP.

In other words, the Birchers who have the brass ballz to present that they are separate and individual entities who have been unfairly searched and seized from are using one of their corporate nicks/subenitites to do the money shoveling and pimping for their very, very, very dirty business.

Trash is indeed dirty business but garbage is garbage –  but the search team’s photographs talk truth about trash better than a River Birch advertisement. Continue reading “River Birch tried “volley” – latest shot in the Tournament of Trash was a backhand that fell shorter than a Venus Williams’ skirt”

Ut-oh, Judge Ginger “plans to visit River Birch lanfill office to resolve records dispute” (update: links reset)

Were the SLABBED-nation to elect a homecoming queen, I’m certain it wouldn’t be federal district judge Helen “Ginger” Berrigan – and, after reviewing her background, I’m equally certain she wouldn’t care.

… Judge Berrigan is the author of Louisiana Criminal Trial Practice…Prior to her appointment as a federal judge, she was a criminal defense attorney. She was a staff attorney to the Governor’s Pardon, Parole and Rehabilitation Commission and press secretary to Civil Rights Leader, Charles Evers…In addition to her experience as a journalist and lawyer, she has served on the boards or as a member of several legal organizations, including the…American Civil Liberties Union

Her expertise and experience in criminal law and her involvement in the Civil Rights movement and ACLU provide context for understanding her decisions in Heebe v USA, including the order scheduling her upcoming visit to the River Birch landfill office, reported in Richard Rainey’s story for the Times-Picayune:

District Judge Ginger Berrigan stated in a court Order that she plans to inspect the third floor of the building at 2000 Belle Chasse Highway in Gretna, where authorities collected reams of documents and computer files as part of their 14-month investigation of River Birch. She set the visit for Feb. 4. 

It’s not an action a federal judge takes often… Continue reading “Ut-oh, Judge Ginger “plans to visit River Birch lanfill office to resolve records dispute” (update: links reset)”