Heebe drops his suit against Perricone: Like we thought, the whole Mencken=Perricone deal was mostly posturing

Not that Sal Perricone wasn’t 100% right in resigning his job with the US Attorney’s office after commenting on cases he was handling because what he did was wrong from an ethical standpoint but we’ve said all along Fred Heebe had no defamation case against Perricone and the latest news that Heebe has dismissed his suit against Perricone reinforces that.  In fact hanging the threat of later litigation in the dismissal motions may be sanctionable conduct on part of his lawyers according to legal observers that speak with Slabbed.

Since this whole deal broke the public has gotten to witness plenty of peacocking, huffing and puffing by many of the recipients of Perricone’s online barbs including former AUSA/Tee Vee legal analyst Donald “Chick” Foret and frankly it was over the top.  In my view and despite the ethical problems associated with a prosecutors commenting online about cases they handle,  most of Perricone’s comments line up nicely with sentiments expressed here on Slabbed by members of the very same legal community to which Perricone belongs, including his assertion that Heebe comes from a “long line of corruptors”.

That the various defense attorneys are using Perricone ‘s comments to the hilt should come as no surprise as these guys are seasoned enough to use all the arrows in their quiver, including gifts such as the one Perricone served up commenting on the Times Picayune.  At the end of the day the upcoming prosecutions will be about the crimes alleged to have been perpetrated by the various defendants such as Big D and not what Perricone wrote on the internet though the comments guaranteed Perricone a place in the narrative regardless of his current employment status.


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I watched 75 minutes of Fox 8’s late news last night and am in lockstep with Jason on how he is calling this. Simply put dredging up Cedric Richmond to talk about anyone’s integrity or lack thereof, is about as bad as Tommy Tucker at Payola radio lowering the boom on Perricone.

Maybe instead of  yammering about suing Perricone on the TeeVee, perhaps Pat Fanning and Chick Foret should put their money where their mouths are and file suit if they think Perricone defamed them.  And about Perricone’s alleged threat directed at Ray Ray the Chocolate guy?  If it were that serious, why was nothing done about it when the comment was left years ago, instead of way after the fact when the identity of the poster became known? Simple folks, because Ray Ray did not perceive a threat by what Perricone allegedly wrote back in the day, though I’ll grant the comment in question did come close to crossing the mythical line.

I’m not taking up for Perricone but the “news” coverage now has me scratching my head. The lesson here folks is if you value your privacy, especially if you are a proverbial knowledgable insider, stay away from newspaper and TeeVee websites as these businesses will, if given the opportunity, eat their own young in exchange for ratings.


Let’s grind this Perricone = Henry Mencken1951 thing into the dirt.

I’ve sat back and watched the media spectacle that is the Assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone’s cyber coming out party from its more serious manifestations as it relates to the subject of legal ethics, a cause we champion here on Slabbed to the ridiculous specter of WWL morning DJ Tommy Tucker terming Perricone a Gutless Wonder given Garlandfill Robinette’s part in this scandal. It has been thoroughly entertaining.

Speaking of Tucker’s special yoda Garlandfill, Slabbed was the media outlet that broke the subpoena though admittedly in an on the down low type of way before saying it outright in March 2011 scooping the entire NOLA media by 6 months on the subject. There is alot of that type stuff scattered throughout these pages. It is why everyone with an interest in the scandal reads us and it is why SLAPP suit types like Aaron Broussard’s Goatherders come after us, the Slabbed Nation.  I guess it was only natural then, that when the Perricone scandal broke, certain media types would be interested in those older posts as they represent what the late Jim Finks would term journalistic “skins on the wall”. Slabbed’s older work on the Robinette subpoenas would be of particular interest since Perricone’s alter ego posted a tidbit on NOLA regarding the money trail that led from team Heebe to Robinette.  I’ll voluntarily solve that mystery and say there is no linkage as we rake our muck the old-fashioned way at Slabbed.

That said what Perricone aka Mencken aka CampStBlue etc had to say matches many of the things I’ve written on Slabbed regarding Judges Berrigan and Lemelle and certain members of the media and that makes him dangerous in another respect.  It is easy to label and dismiss bloggers as crackpots etc but an Assistant US Attorney that literally knows where all the bones are buried?  From a tactical PR perspective, Perricone must be crushed and along those lines I laughed when I saw this WDSU TeeVee story yesterday afternoon where a couple of Sal’s former coworkers Mencken dissed at NOLA are threatening defamation suits including Pat Fanning, Tim Whitmer’s lawyer and WWL TeeVee legal analyst Chick Foret.  I busted a gut laughing when WDSU passed off Aaron Broussard’s lawyer Robert Jenkins as a simple legal analyst, especially given that Mencken wrote that Heebe was paying Jenkins on Broussard’s behalf, such supposition not a stretch by any means given the Heebe funded suit filed by Kyle Shonekas for Sherman Copeland to close the Old Gentilly Landfill. Continue reading “Let’s grind this Perricone = Henry Mencken1951 thing into the dirt.”

Sal, it is time to step down

W O W ! ! I think it is wishful thinking for Letten to believe that this episode won’t have any effect on pending cases. Aside from that, this demonstrates the danger of assuming that those entrusted with representing the government are above reproach. And the defendants, lawyers, judges, and persons under investigation who were subjected to the running commentary from the heart of the U.S. Attorney’s office should wonder where Mr. Letten’s to them apology was — does he intend to apologize to Heebe, Lemann, Berrigan, etc?. ~ BRlawyer nola.com

And that comment to this NOLA.com story by Gordon Russell and Paul Rioux on the fallout from the revelation that Henry L. Mencken1951=Sal Perricone sums up exactly why Perricone needs to do the right thing and resign. His actions have compromised a massive federal investigation into the Jefferson Parish landfill contract, among others, that have tentacles back to literally the very early days after Hurricane Katrina. What Perrricone did was wrong and in fact was unethical. Simply put following the rules is what makes the good guys “good”.

True, Mr Perricone has the same first amendment rights as everyone else and yes, as Jason over at American Zombie alluded to yesterday there is way more to this story. At this point all we have is the realm of speculation to deal with there. From a practical standpoint there is a investigation to salvage and that can not happen with Perricone in the mix at Team Letten. Continue reading “Sal, it is time to step down”

The notion of the “informed insider” is why people read message boards and blogs. Let’s talk Henry Mencken 1951 a bit more.

On the Yahoo finance boards I have befriended:

  • Several college professors.
  • An employee of the NSA.
  • A high ranking government official from a major US City.
  • A small businessman who was doing the CEO’s secretary of a mid cap publicly traded company.
  • An executive vice President of a major tech company
  • And many other highly interesting people too numerous to mention.

Coming from that to hang with the unwashed massed on several local newspapers and blogs a few years ago, it did not take me long to figure out that as a general rule newspaper web masters were pretty much clueless about the power they had in their comment sections and forums. And without naming names I’ve seen a couple of local journalists write they did not read comments to their stories and I’ve had a couple tell me the same. I was always amazed at the specter of writers not wanting feedback on their own work, though I’ll grant a thick hide is required.

With that said, it appears the folks over at NOLA.com are getting hip to the subject as they profile David Lat of Above the Law, a site we have linked a time or two through the years here on Slabbed. Lat was also a blogger when he was a federal prosecutor, which career ended when he was unmasked by New Yorker magazine. Continue reading “The notion of the “informed insider” is why people read message boards and blogs. Let’s talk Henry Mencken 1951 a bit more.”

Since SLAPP suits have become fashionable down south: Henry L. Mencken 1951 links

Speaking of going south, my quick persual of the NOLA.com comments on the various Mencken stories, indicates Team Heebe astroturfers have not been effective at steering the conversation as Henry Mencken himself has appeared again on NOLA. We must be a match for Henry here at Slabbed as I had to do a double take on yesterday’s site traffic here just a few minutes ago as this story seems to have everyone’s attention. Some Henry Mencken links:

He’s Back !!!!!!!!!!Henry L. Mencken1951 that is, on NOLA this A.M. at 6:15. ~ Lockemuptight Slabbed New Media inviting Henry to come join us on Slabbed.

Landfill owner Fred Heebe had ex-FBI linguist analyze NOLA.com comments ~ Paul Rioux, Brendon McCarthy & Gordon Russell, The T-P

Online commenter alleged to be federal prosecutor resurfaces ~ Gordon Russell, The T-P.

Heebe wants federal prosecutors deposed over website posts – Sabrina Wilson, Fox 8 TeeVee

Criminal target Fred Heebe files suit against anonymous commenter ~ Mike Perlstein, WWL TeeVee

Fed. Prosecutors Named In Petition Decline Comment On Allegations ~ WDSU TeeVee

Bear with me folks while I work my way back to the hive and resume a more normal posting schedule.


BREAKING: Fred Heebe files suit against Times Picayune commenter Henry L Mencken, claims commenter is assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone

All I can say folks is Fred Heebe is throwing some serious money down this rabbit hole filing suit against Times Picayune commenter Henry L. Mencken. Gorden Russell has the breaking news for the Times Picayune and they included a link to the 151 page suit Heebe lawyer Kyle Shonekas filed in NOLA Civil District Court which mostly focuses on specualtion as to the identity of Henry L Mencken being assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone. The alleged defamatory comments are on pdf pages 3 and 4 of the suit and to my untrained eye look pretty weak.  The T-P has 598 of the 601 total comments left to various stories by Mencken on his T-P profile page linked above and there is copy of all his remarks circa December 2011 in Heebe’s suit.

From a bigger picture standpoint this really signals a new level of nasty between Team Heebe and Team Letten.  The speculation as to Mencken’s identity is enticing but it is also not the legal question. Its inclusion in the complaint tells me this is way more than a simple prelude to a US style defamation suit.

File this one under chilling effects from the mean streets of blogging.