Call me a bit slow but of course it was “the poon” and fanny……

I would like to thank the good folks at American Idol and Reddit for helping two Slabbed posts go viral nationally.

For you regular readers, I’ll be having a series of announcements regarding Slabbed over the next couple of weeks as we are well on the road to becoming Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

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Comment bump Wednesday: Whew doggie!

RFP solves the mystery of the scatologically challenged commenter “I Smell Poop”, who was insistent that our own Harry Connick Jr. is from Weston Connecticut.  Sight unseen I’ll posit Harry’s former homies are still feeling no love for the newest judge on American Idol. Those that wish to see more of Harry’s dark side should click here.

Next up is Ricardo, who may have solved the case of the local radio personality Jenn and her wild cab ride with a local cabbie. Like the late, great Ambrose Bierce used to say:

There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know.

Finally Kidd has proposed a solution for dealing with Louisiana’s problem with judicial overpopulation as identified yesterday by BGR.  I personally think his solution is a bit draconian.

Meantime in other news……

Katrina flood lawsuit plaintiffs ask judge to rule against Aaron Broussard ~ Paul Purpura

Cross motions for summary judgment on the same issue, in this case whether the former Goatherder in Chief was so busy lining his pockets with graft that his failure to lead Parish Government during and after Hurricane Katrina is tantamount to “willful and wanton misconduct” is a ballsy legal gambit folks.  Yes, my own considered personal opinion is that everything Broussard did was willful and wanton, likely right on down to the crocodile tears he shed on Meet the Press.  These Goatherders are excellent crocodile criers from way far back folks. Continue reading “Comment bump Wednesday: Whew doggie!”

Is Harry Connick Jr an asshole? Discuss.

Because Slabbed tackles topics no one else will and frankly folks, given what we witnessed in Baldwin v Costner this assignment is….

But still this is a valid question as a fellow Blue Jay from back in the day sent me this link where Harry Jr is hopping in bed with BP to do a TeeVee special on Louisiana music.

Not withstanding the fact Harry’s daddy was likely the most corrupt DA in the entire land back in the day, where insurance/employee benefit schemes like those unraveled in Jefferson Parish were pioneered, the main criticism I hear about the guy from his old buddies is that Jr. has morphed into a self important ass of the kind we regularly skewer here on Slabbed and indeed the google search string “Harry Connick Jr is an asshole” did bear some fruit but first lets begin from a snippet from an email I received about Harry Jr.: Continue reading “Is Harry Connick Jr an asshole? Discuss.”