Mississippi Miscellany: Singing River Health System desperate to get Chancellor Harris off the case plus all hell is breaking loose

Before I get started with some links how about a nice picture from yesterday’s retiree protest at Ocean Springs Hospital:

Image courtesy of a reader | 2-26-15 SRHS Retiree Ocean Springs Hospital Protest
Image courtesy of a reader | 2-26-15 SRHS Retiree Ocean Springs Hospital Protest

It appears the lawyers representing the pension plan, finding no joy on their manufactured recusal motion here on the coast expects the State Supreme Court to stop next weeks hearings on the retiree suits:

SRHS wants hearings stopped in pension cases ~ Anita Lee

They are doing this to avoid having to produce documents that would help everyone get to the bottom of things. You wonder what kind of skeletons are buried in those docs as I am reminded of something I wrote last month:

By their actions SRHS has demonstrated a preference for keeping a law firm with major conflict questions involved in the pension litigation and using that firm’s support of Judge Harris’ opponent in last year’s election as a lever to force Harris off the case. The heart of the Harris recusal motion is predicated on that fact. Remove Dogan & Wilkerson from the equation and the Harris recusal motion they filed goes up in smoke. Simply put, the powers running SRHS must fear Judge Neil Harris more than they do their own legal conflicts. The implications of that fact are stunning and foretell a tale of major muck still being hidden.

Once those documents are produced, my prediction is the SRHS pension plan’s law firm, Dogan and Wilkinson will not be long remaining on the case.

Next up:

Jackson County, SRHS leaders to get together over finances, pension

So now we have Jackson County spending big money on the Laporte CPA firm while SRHS spends big money on their own actuary.  The price of getting religion at SRHS sure is steep folks.

In other news the fallout from Supervisor William Martin’s indictment and suicide continues.  I have been told by sources in Jackson that the Martin indictment is related to the MDOC corruption probe.  The timing of former MDOC Commissioner Chris Epps guilty plea and the Martin indictment are not coincidental in my opinion.

And this brings me to the continuing HCUA/Sean Anthony corruption investigation Continue reading “Mississippi Miscellany: Singing River Health System desperate to get Chancellor Harris off the case plus all hell is breaking loose”

Breaking News: Sean Anthony reportedly indicted

Utility Authority contractor S.H. Anthony charged with conspiracy ~ Anita Lee

In other news tonight’s city council meeting should be interesting:

Bay councilman Boudin arrested for assault, trespassing, malicious mischief. ~ Dwayne Bremer

Harrison County Indictment rumors: Signals and Clues….

Folks the rumor mill is still going full tilt on more public officials being indicted in Harrison County. People are paying very close attention thus the rumors begin to fly when something occurs that is perceived as out of the ordinary.  And when it comes to public officials here on the coast in January, 2015, out of the ordinary is seemingly becoming the norm.  Here are some links which illustrate what I am talking about:

From the second story by Paul:

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway, also under subpoena by White, didn’t show up. Ron Peresich, who does a lot of legal work for Biloxi, when asked if he was at the courthouse to represent Holloway, said he was there to speak to the judge on a “related matter.”

Peresich met with White, Circuit Judge Michael Ward and Utility Authority attorneys Jim Simpson and T. Russell Nobile in the judge’s chambers.

“I’m tired of secret stuff going on,” White told Simpson as he tried to talk to White shortly before that. “You’re trying to hide stuff from the press.”

What was being hidden from the press? I personally do not think it was this:

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway checks himself into rehab ~ Mary Perez

Additional background can be found here. Stay tuned.

Monday Open: Something tells me……

That we have one heck of a first quarter on tap here at Slabbed. Here’s a partial pending list:

  • Former Pearl River Mayor James Lavigne has a state trial coming up theft and malfeasance. After telling WWL TeeVee’s Ashley Rodrigue to kiss his ass something tells me the upcoming trial will be quite the media spectacle. I may make a point to attend.
  • Heather Hilliard’s civil suit against Jefferson Parish goes to trial on the 20th. Forecast calls for a high chance of ass chaps to go with human drama on the 10th floor at the Yenni Building.
  • Four words: Harrison County Utility Authority. Supervisor Marlin Ladner foot in mouth potential alone makes this continuing saga worth watching.
  • Goes without saying that we should expect more explosive revelations on the Singing River Health System financial meltdown. I’m so certain of this I’m going to lay down a time stamp with the Chairman of the Board. (Lifer’s know its on when Frank shows on Slabbed.)

Finally Twelfth Night is upon us:

Worth repeating take note: A Hurricane warning remains in effect

With the Harrison County Utility Authority Indictments we can cross off the Harrison County politician. This leaves the rumored Jackson County politician, whom I’m still not at liberty to name. I will drop a hint though.

Indictment rumors swirling from the Coast to the Capital

After all folks, it is the fall indictment season in here Mississippi. That said I’ve found indictment rumors to be notorious unreliable except in certain circumstances. That said the muckraking community is raking up in Jacktown:

Mayor Yarber: FBI Has Not Questioned Me ~ R. L. Nave

Numerous sources in the Jackson legal and political community suggested that the city’s $90 million Siemens contract could be a target in the investigation, Yarber, who voted to approve that contract, when he was city council president, said today that his administration has “not been any part of any major contract negotiations” in the seven months since he took office and that while he served on the council as the Ward 6 representative, and as council president, he “didn’t have an opportunity to participate in contracting.”

I haven’t posted on it but the Mayoral election in Jackson was a three ring circus and now this. That said I have this from Greece from this past Monday:

Prosecutor seeks trial for 64 in Siemens bribery scandal ~ ekathimerini.com

And of course there is this circa 2008:

At Siemens, Bribery Was Just a Line Item ~ Siri Schubert and T. Christian Miller

Could all be just a coincidence but that rumor mill is on fire at present.  Did I mention the indictment rumors swirling here on the coast? Continue reading “Indictment rumors swirling from the Coast to the Capital”

Let’s re-visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction: Clarifications and corrections

Yesterday I ran For those that think Team Fed’s performance in the DMR Scandal was abysmal linking a post I did back in April 2013 about Sean Anthony’s tax assessment on a house on the Bay in Pass Christian. Yesterday evening I was contacted by Harrison County Board of Supervisors Attorney Tim Holleman, who wished to set the record straight regarding the role of Tax Collector LaRosa had in the sequence of events:

The truth is the tax receipt posted on your website is for 2012. The date for determining when improvements are to be added to property assessment is January 1 of each year. Improvements are not added until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. I am advised that a certificate of occupancy was issued on the Anthony home on January 9, 2012, therefore the home could not added to the tax rolls until January 1, 2013. It was added in 2013 and should not have been on the rolls for 2012 as was alleged in your blog.

The county gets a printout of COs/permits from Cities/code offices each year, from that newly constructed homes are picked up and added to tax rolls.  So if Anthony CO not issued until 1/9/12 it would not be picked up till 2013 tax roll.  It’s up to Cities whether someone moves in before a CO is issued as county has no knowledge of such and no way of knowing if someone did so.  There are over 100,000 parcels in Har Co. impossible to ck everyone each year, county relies on Cities to give info within Cities on new construction primarily COs and permits.

To the extent the Tax Collector is dependant on the Certificate of Occupancy which in this case is Municipal building department function, the insinuation in my original post that Tax Collector Larosa was involved in the inside of a bad tax assessment was incorrect and Slabbed New Media apologizes for making it.

That said and to the extent my sourcing on the issue of the date of occupancy of the Anthony homestead is rock solid, Slabbed stands by the larger point made in the original post regarding problems with how the newly constructed home was valued for the 2012 property tax rolls.

For those that think Team Fed’s performance in the DMR Scandal was abysmal…..

Just wait until and see what happens with the HCUA. The smoke has been billowing for years now and there are politicians that have exposures according to lore. That said I fear that just like DMR, the authorities are more concerned with containing the reach of the investigation than unraveling the web of deceit and corruption.

Here are a few salient links so everyone gets on the same page:

I mention all this today because the rumor mill has been churning for a year plus now. I personally wouldn’t get my hopes up the scandal goes beyond Sean Anthony and Kamran Pahlvan, if it goes that far.