Why Harold Holmes had to go from the Land Trust Board……(Updated)

A Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain board member has resigned, saying he wants to spend more time with his family in Texas and eventually plans to move there.

Harold L. Holmes of Carriere said his resignation, announced in a Feb. 4 letter, was not related to a controversy over the nonprofit agency’s purchase of property from a state agency head’s son.

But alas I have an email where far different words were used by Mr Holmes. Lightweight and thin skinned would be two terms that appropriately describe this situation.  Where do you think Anita got your cell phone number from Harold?  It is no wonder these people on the Land Trust Board voted to help Billy Walker engage in what strongly appears to be criminal activity because clueless does not begin to describe them.

There are some people that tell me Doug, a blogger has no basis to  deal with a McClatchy paper to warn me off linking the paper or working with select reporters.  Oh Contrary. :mrgreen:


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DMR Scandal day 99: Danny, I know I’m not that easy…..

Folks, we now have a free for all at DMR as Billy Walker and his co conspirators to the looting of the agency for their personal benefit are finally being thrown under the bus by Interim DMR Director Danny Guice and the embattled Commission on Marine Resources. I mention this because months after Tina Shumate’s double dealing was exposed by the Sun Herald, both her and her political hack sister have finally been let go from DMR. It is not nearly enough.

By all accounts Guice, a career politician, wants the top job at DMR badly thus his conversion into some sort of good government activist.  The Commission on Marine Resources OTOH, have been revealed as simpletons along the lines of the D’Iberville City Council, heaping praise on Walker despite the allegations right up to the bitter end.  Clueless does not describe them, which is why they all need to go as these misdeeds happened on their watch when they were supposed to be providing oversight.  They breached their fiduciary duty to the DMR and that is about the worst thing a board member can do.  It is my hope that any money not recovered from Bill Walker and his band of theives is recovered from the Board members who oversaw the looting of the agency by Walker and his cronies.

And this brings us to the public trust part because now the Commission on Marine Resources is in spin mode pretending to care what the public thinks.  I agree with Gov. Phil that the Commission on Marine Resources should be sunsetted and thus eliminated and such a step would enhance my trust that the Governor is actually interested in cleaning up the mess his coastal crony supporters made at DMR.

This brings me to another board that sorely needs a house cleaning, The Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain. Continue reading “DMR Scandal day 99: Danny, I know I’m not that easy…..”