Life without Vinny: Harahan sees major political change…

Despite being outspent 9 to 1 and out fund raised 4 to 1, political newcomer Tina Miceli wins the Mayor’s office in Harahan, defeating a good ol’ boy that was endorsed by everyone from the Times Picayune, Gambit along with various and sundry political machine organizations such as the local Alliance for Good Government. It appears the women of Harahan did not get the memo.

Of note is long time Harahan revolving doorman, Vinny Mosca also lost last night in his bid to revolve back onto the City Council after completing a financially disastrous tenure as Mayor.

Mayberry on the Mississippi River: After the debate he went home and told his wife to get her ass in the kitchen and make him some pie

I had a feeling this year’s Harahan City elections would be a hoot and from the sound of it, working as cancer specialized RN is inferior to being one of the politicians that ran Harahan into the ground financially. Adriane Quinlan once again is on point with her story on the Harahan Mayoral debate:

Chatelain said he would be a more capable mayor, due to his two years on the City Council. “My wife has the same degrees and stuff as this lady who is running against me,” Chatelain said. “My wife would not dare step in and try to be the mayor in City Hall. I don’t know where she’s coming from. … You need some kind of business experience background. You need to be involved. You need to know what’s going on. You need to be out there on the streets. You need to be in City Hall. You need to know what’s going on in City Hall.”

Financial simpletons overspend the budget into a deficit without ever bothering to amend it. Here is a money saving idea for you guys at Harahan City Hall, buy a big pack of napkins and use that for your budget instead of all that expensive computer equipment.  There are reasons the City of Harahan is broke, all “man made”. Hopefully the City puts money in the budget to buy Courcelle’s brother a ten key to go with the big pack of napkins.