In case you’ve been wondering where your Supervisor has been……

He, along with Scott Walker signed up over 10,000 people from across the gulf south for a pair of Houston Texas lawyers to sue BP. Now he, along with Scott Walker and Kirk Ladner are suing the lawyers:

Walker at al v Williamson et al Doc 1
Click to obtain 40 page lawsuit
Scott Walker

I’ve read the suit and the exhibits. What I know about the law is exceeded only by what I don’t but I did wonder how the Precision Marketing Group could enter into any 2012 dated contracts as it was not formed until February 2013 but then again the fictitious business names were a flyin’ back in the go go days.

To the extent the attached exhibits indicate the compensation under these operating agreements were capped as percentages of the amounts the lawyers would ultimately collect, I see some very disturbing implications raised despite the assertions in the complaint to the contrary.

This suit will certainly be worth following. (H/T Anita Lee)

In other news:

Gov. Phil Bryant hires former DEQ director Trudy Fisher as $195-an-hour consultant ~ Jeff Amy

The Restore Act is attracting all the finest people.

Election 2015: Scott Walker sentencing letters raise troubling questions (Part 1)

In a respect, when you’ve seen one set of sentencing letters you’ve seen them all folks in that most everyone had done a good deed or two in their lifetimes as well as positively impacting other lives. With that said, the vast majority of the letters written on behalf of Scott Walker fell along those lines including the one from Walker’s wife Trinity, who wrote a heartfelt letter to Judge Starrett not on Scott’s behalf, “but on behalf of our children”.

She then recounted how she came to know Scott in 2010 as “the hardest working, most driven man I have ever known.” She admits that, “He is a “yes man,” who trusts everyone, which has proven to not always be the right answer…”

Scott is certainly a political creature, which inherently means he is a “yes man”. I also bet Scott knows Nic, a local GOP political operative type whose Twitter account literally overflows with homespun wisdom:

I mention this because often sentencing letters are truly revealing of a person’s character and it is clear that Scott Walker has many fans here on the coast. Todd Trenchard, Executive Director of the Bacot McCarty Foundation and recipient of a taxpayer funded booze cruise wrote this about Walker: Continue reading “Election 2015: Scott Walker sentencing letters raise troubling questions (Part 1)”

Scott Walker plea: Additional Indictments possible

I’ll believe it when I see it Ladies and Gents. Meantime I could not make it to Hattiesburg yesterday so I have no analysis to offer beyond that already in the media so here are the salient links:

Plea accepted: Scott Walker pleads guilty to conspiracy, fraud ~ Anita Lee

Anita solves the Matt mystery for those that are still wondering.

Scott Walker pleads guilty to 2 federal crimes, heads to hospital for birth of son ~ April Havens

Come to think about it maybe I can add a wee bit to Anita’s story because she was a love putting this blurb in her account of the Walker plea hearing:

Walker is working, he told Starrett. He and two others own a Gulfport company called Precision Marketing Group.

Anita does not identify the two people with whom Scott Walker is working but she left a clue Continue reading “Scott Walker plea: Additional Indictments possible”

Because they just do things a bit different in Hancock County

This post has a little something for everyone from the Goatherders to Good Government peeps plus we get to do a  bit of compare and contrast:

The first story is still in its original form while the second was updated. It is unclear who the 22 residents are who filed suit against the Hancock County Board of Supervisors using the services of Goatherder lawyer Henry Laird as neither story mentions them and it may well be none ultimately have any standing to sue but Harris updated her story with comments from the property owner, American Legion Post 139, which is the exact context I heard about this budding controversy originally. Specifically:

The county has leased the property from American Legion Post 139 for 25 years, but the lease expired in November, post Commander Clayton Thompson said. Board attorney Ronnie Artigues said supervisors have been in negotiations to buy the property.

The board will meet Monday to discuss renewing the lease monthly until the property can be purchased, he said.

So the county constructs bathrooms on property it did not have any legal rights to and for some inexplicable reason did not bother to renew the lease on the property, which expired last November electing to break ground instead.  Ignorant does not quite do the actions of the Board of Supervisors justice in this circumstance but earlier this month Bay Waveland School Board President Sherry Ponder attempted to swear in a school board member that had not yet been been appointed to the school board by the City. Sources indicate to Slabbed Ponder lashed out at the Alliance for Good Government member that pointed this out in the school board meeting which makes one wonder exactly which local government is more clueless, the School Board or the Board of Supervisors.

OTOH not much good law gets practiced when a Goatherder is involved so this one has FUBAR potential written all over it so it is worth keeping an eye on.  This is about more than just building flood mitigated bathrooms IMHO.