Comment Bump: Sheriff, Other County officials using County Equipment, Inmate Labor for Partisan Political Campaign Events

I guess the question I have is since Sheriff Adam has done it for one candidate are we going to empty the jail for every candidate’s campaign parties. Maybe the County could have the inmates go place signs out and knock doors too.

The optics look worse than terrible here, what in the hell are they thinking?

Start with Brandon’s comment here and work your way down.

Meantime the Bay City Clowncil is evidently giving permission to put signs up on property that is not within the City’s jurisdiction to permit.

Slabbed has pictures of both the County tent and the offending signs that I’ll try to post later.

Hancock County’s Newest Red Headed Step Child

Yesterday the Sun Herald asked a very interesting question:

How did the Bay mayor’s son get hired for $115K at Hancock jail? It’s complicated ~ Paul Hampton

Of course when an AG’s opinion is issued and is then rescinded everyone has to get in on the act:

AG’s office rescinds negative opinion, Hancock jail clinic back in business ~ Cassandra Favre

Lost in the story of Hancock County’s newest whipping boy is how the jail went from having its own medical staff to contracting with Health Assurance, LLC under the previous Sups and Sheriff, a company that was involved in passing out bribes in the Chris Epps MDOC scandal to Quality Correction Health Care, Inc. the company that took over for Health Assurance, LLC and now back to its own staff. That story is at least somewhat interesting.

If Casey Favre were unqualified to handle his new job, like former Hancock County Library Executive Director Courtney Thomas, who told some gigantic whoppers in at least one public meeting about her qualifications, I guess we’d be riled up here at Slabbed but since he is a health care professional, it must be his last name alone that has earned him the media’s ire. Worse yet, from a clusterf*ck perspective Favre doesn’t even have the race card to play. That said the Board of Sups could have done a much better job handling this whole deal.

The AG’s opinion at the center of this latest dust up is presented below: Continue reading “Hancock County’s Newest Red Headed Step Child”