Because they just do things a bit different in Hancock County

This post has a little something for everyone from the Goatherders to Good Government peeps plus we get to do a  bit of compare and contrast:

The first story is still in its original form while the second was updated. It is unclear who the 22 residents are who filed suit against the Hancock County Board of Supervisors using the services of Goatherder lawyer Henry Laird as neither story mentions them and it may well be none ultimately have any standing to sue but Harris updated her story with comments from the property owner, American Legion Post 139, which is the exact context I heard about this budding controversy originally. Specifically:

The county has leased the property from American Legion Post 139 for 25 years, but the lease expired in November, post Commander Clayton Thompson said. Board attorney Ronnie Artigues said supervisors have been in negotiations to buy the property.

The board will meet Monday to discuss renewing the lease monthly until the property can be purchased, he said.

So the county constructs bathrooms on property it did not have any legal rights to and for some inexplicable reason did not bother to renew the lease on the property, which expired last November electing to break ground instead.  Ignorant does not quite do the actions of the Board of Supervisors justice in this circumstance but earlier this month Bay Waveland School Board President Sherry Ponder attempted to swear in a school board member that had not yet been been appointed to the school board by the City. Sources indicate to Slabbed Ponder lashed out at the Alliance for Good Government member that pointed this out in the school board meeting which makes one wonder exactly which local government is more clueless, the School Board or the Board of Supervisors.

OTOH not much good law gets practiced when a Goatherder is involved so this one has FUBAR potential written all over it so it is worth keeping an eye on.  This is about more than just building flood mitigated bathrooms IMHO.

Rut Roh!!!!!! Former Hancock County Road Manager Roger Ladner cops a plea.

This will not be perceived as good news in certain political circles as it appears Roger Ladner is officially off the reservation as he, his wife and two bros have taken a plea deal in what I’ll term a very smart move.  Time to pop some popcorn as the local rumor mill will likely kick into overdrive.

Thursday Music: Dedicated to Roger, Sharon, Billy Wayne and Donald Ray

Guys when one of the people you can give the FBI squeals, you’ll truly enter the house of pain.  I do not know who has been blowing smoke up your collective asses but ask Mark St Pierre how well covering for Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy went for him.

Folks, Slabbed will be covering some hometown news soon as the very open secret that the FBI has been crawling all over the new Hancock County Government Annex and putting the squeeze on certain sitting local politicians will be bearing journalistic fruit.

Meantime Roger Ladner, his wife and two brothers, three families total, are fixing to be crushed covering for others. Michael Newsom has the skinny for the Sun Herald.