Built on the twin lies of Sunshine and “Robust”: Boss Hoggs promises on the State Port at Gulfport nothing more than hot air

One of the larger post Katrina rebuilding stories here on the coast was then Governor Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour and his economic development people diverting over $500 million dollars of recovery money meant to build housing for displaced storm victims to build “The Port of the Future” at the State Port in Gulfport. Wild promises of the port’s potential were made and I highlighted some of those promises in this post way back in 2008 where coastal residents were promised sunshine in the process due to the doubts many local area residents were harboring way back in 2008 when the money was diverted.

I mention all this because while I have been neck deep with my gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak, Anita Lee over at the Sun Herald blew the port’s BS out of the water this week because it turns out those plans Boss Hogg so publicly touted have been revealed to be BS and the locals are furious. This could well grow into a major scandal and it is my hope the OIG from HUD and possibly the Office of the Attorney General take a peeksie at how the recovery money was diverted, based promises that have since proven to be fictitious since the federal government may well have been misled.

That said I hope it is lost on no one the same political power brokers out of Jackson that brought us the port disaster have already annointed career politician and legacy political hack Billy Hewes as the next Mayor, almost a full year ahead of the election. Now for some links to various stories by the Sun Herald’s Anita Lee on the subject:

Leaders, community frustrated by port plans, progress

Gulfport councilman calls for change at port

MDOT commissioner talks connector road, tolls and curbing travel

The bottom line is the farther out from Katrina we travel, the more tarnished Haley Barbour’s legacy becomes as his empty promises continue to float to the surface.


Soft on crime: Boss Hogg Haley Barbour releases another coast murderer early.

First it was “Michael David Graham, who had stalked his ex-wife, Adrienne Klasky, before shooting her to death in 1989 while she sat in her car at a traffic light in Pascagoula.” Graham scrubbed toilets at the Gov’s mansion and Boss Hogg evidently took a shine to him. Now we find out that despite repeated denials from Boss Hogg’s office, Barbour also had a role in the early release of Joseph Goff after serving just 8 years of a 20 year sentence he received for the premeditated killing of  Kyle Todd by shooting him through the front window of  Todd’s house “while Todd was standing by a Christmas tree inside his family’s Gautier home on Dec. 8, 2001. Todd died in his mother’s arms.”

Geoff Pender and Margaret Baker have all the skinny for the Sun Herald on this inexcusable early release of a guy who frankly deserves to rot forever behind bars IMHO.

Willie Horton indeed.


It’s a Boss Hogg Sunday! Jarvis DeBerry chips in on Haley’s foggy memories of the 1960s.

How telling that Mississippians would have to leave the state to find a newspaper pundit that is not high on the fumes from Boss Hogg’s rear end to accurately tell the story of Boss Hogg’s recent attempt to revise Mississippi’s sad civil rights history. Jarvis DeBerry is the man and once again he sets the record (and poor ol’ Sid Salter) straight as only Jarvis can, citing facts instead of political talking points. (Hat Tip the Opinionated Catholic via Twitter)


Lipstick on a pig: Wrong in the 60s, wrong again…..

Sid Salter a Republican sycophant? Having seen Boss Hogg and his kin folk in action after Katrina. I’d posit that Salter’s attempt to revise Mississippi’s sad civil right’s history is the least of Boss Hogg’s worries as he floats the presidential trial balloon.

Nowdy I hate to say this as I have many friends up your way but damn sometimes I wonder about the collective intelligence level in the Mississippi’s captial city, especially when the legislature is in session.  Maybe ol’ Sid should extract his head from Haley’s hiney and he would see things a bit more clearly.

And to think folks, ol’ Sid is the best the Ledger has to offer its readers. A far better analysis of Haley’s attempt to pass off 1960ish Yazoo City shit for shinola can be found here, here and here.


The Failure is Complete Part 2: Katrina Ground Zero seething with anger.

Today was typical of my days of late, up around 3AM to browse the news and maybe write a post and, then some paying work. Today I mixed business and blogging starting my day on skid row with the Wino before heading to Bay-Waveland to meet with a few of my clients.

What I found today was somewhat unusual because there were no Republicans or Democrats around. Rather I found a community united by anger. Anger at BP, anger at the Coast Guard and anger at certain elected officials that have failed the community which elected them to office.

I was asked not to blog on this topic by a member of the Slabbed Nation that felt it counter productive. I’m not in the mood to protect certain self serving idiots on the Board of Supervisors but tonight I honor the request and will not identify the perpetrators. Tonight oil hits the beaches of Hancock County. If it gets into the Bay of St Louis I’ll be naming names.

We have met the enemy at it is us.

Meantime Kathie Koch’s new book arrived today and I can’t put it down. The house our own Steve’s parents lost is mentioned on the same page as the De Mountluzin’s. The memories it brings back. 1972 was not that long ago……


The Sun Herald excoriates Boss Hogg on their editorial page for putting politics over his people

I pegged the problems with both Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour and Phil “lawnmower fumes” Bryant yesterday on this post. Today, the Sun Herald takes their turn in an excellent piece that well sums up the problems including Barbour hiding the fact that Petit Bois Island has been slicked for 2 weeks now as Boss Hogg and his side kicks Deputies Enos and Cletus evidently tried hushing it up in a last gasp attempt to salvage what little credibility they had left on the coast. Here is an excerpt:

What happened offshore at the 30-mile and 10-mile lines of defense? What happened to the assurances that oil would be spotted and stopped long before it threatened either the Sound or the sand?

And why, with more than two months to gear-up for this possibility, were officials still scrambling for gear at the last minute?

Why did it take such a crude awakening to shatter the daydreams of Gov. Haley Barbour and others entrusted with the safety of South Mississippi? Continue reading “The Sun Herald excoriates Boss Hogg on their editorial page for putting politics over his people”

Chris Vignes, member of the Slabbed Nation, is on a blackhawk with Representative Taylor and Senator Wicker over the Mississippi sound.

Chris and I landed on each others radar screens as we both were at Senator Wicker’s insurance roundtable this past April.  We’ve been following each other via twitter since and we’ve noted Chris has retweeted a few of our posts.

Today he is on twitter posting pictures from the chopper and giving short observations for his twitter followers which includes the Slabbed Nation.

As the oil begins coming ashore it is clear both Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour andPhil “Lawnmower Fumes” Bryant are the early losers. Simply put I’ve talked to folks that are die hard Republicans on and off the coast that tell me they’ll never vote for Bryant after his idiotic remarks. Meantime Haley is getting killed in the court of public opinion on the flat out stupid remarks he made in opposition to the BP escrow which will be used to pay impacted locals. This could not happen to 2 more deserving career politicians in Bryant and Barbour.


GOP = Grand Oil Party?

Partisanship once again trumps statesmanship. (H/T Dambala @ AZ)


Joe Barton’s 6th Congressional District stretches across the central counties of east Texas, far inland from any threat of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. From that safe vantage point, the compensation fund established by BP at the insistence of President Barack Obama may appear to be a “$20 billion shakedown” that makes Barton, a Republican, “ashamed.”

But seen from the perspective of South Mississippians living near, and dependent upon the Gulf of Mexico, the fund is merely a down payment on BP’s liability. Continue reading “GOP = Grand Oil Party?”

Boss Hogg comes out against the BP escrow. Phil Bryant still in hiding after previously beclowning himself.

Folks, there is nothing like a disaster to bring the corporate shoeshine boys into the light of day and that has certainly been the case with our Governor Haley Barbour and his sidekick Lite Gov Phil Bryant. In this installment of Boss Hogg is in it for himself, Barbour comes out against his own people and those similarly situated on the Gulf Coast in favor a huge multi national corporation that has polluted the Gulf of Mexico to the verge of extinction. It has become clear the majority of voters here in Mississippi voted against their own welfare and best interests by elevating these two BP waterboys to the pinnacle of State Government. Let’s begin with a WTOK report (H/T Yallpolitics) where Barbour says the escrow is a bad idea and he uses logic that Captain Queeg would certainly appreciate to explain why:

Gov. Haley Barbour said Wednesday he believes making BP put money in an escrow account makes it less likely for victims to be paid.

“We expect them to pay. But if you take $10 to $20 billion out of their operational funds and make them give it to the government in an escrow account, how are they going to generate the revenue to pay what the people of Mississippi are rightfully owed?” asked Barbour.

Worth noting is the $20 billion is to be paid over 4 years in $5 billion dollar installments. To the extent it will reduce any amount BPs pays in litigation I don’t see Barbour’s point, especially since the victims of this disaster will be the beneficiaries of the escrow. Is he saying that paying the innocent victims of this mess is a bad idea or should we just let BP decide when to compensate the victims at a time when it benefits them the most?

Boss Hogg wasn’t done carrying water for BP on this subject though as he spoke with AP reporter Emily Wagster Pettus as well:

Mississippi’s governor said Wednesday he’s not sure the federal government should have made BP put $20 billion into escrow to compensate victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill because the company needs it to drill more wells and make money so it can pay up.

I guarantee if BP had offered Boss Hogg’s kin folk big fat no-bid contracts he’d be singing a different tune. Ol’ Haley didn’t make the list the Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington’s list of the nations most ethically challenged governors for nothing. Continue reading “Boss Hogg comes out against the BP escrow. Phil Bryant still in hiding after previously beclowning himself.”

Sarah Palin joins Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant waxing nonsensical on the oil spill. Meantime BP will be showing up today before the Louisiana Legislature

Folks the only thing worse than these home-grown scheisters like Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant are the out-of-state ones. Make no mistake Sarah Palin is a fluffer, albeit one that has parlayed her good looks far better than Desiree Rogers. Sarah honey do us a favor and stick with babbling on Fox News as you are worse than useless trying to play politics with the environmental disaster here. The Times Picayune has the AP story:

“The current administration may be unaware that it’s the President’s duty, meeting on a CEO-to-CEO level with Hayward, to verify what BP reports,” wrote Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and a potential presidential challenger in 2012. Continue reading “Sarah Palin joins Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant waxing nonsensical on the oil spill. Meantime BP will be showing up today before the Louisiana Legislature”