BREAKING: Gene Taylor unloads on the BP spill response: "I

Abused patience turns to fury.
Thomas Fuller

Karen Nelsen at the Sun Herald has the scoop (Hat Tweet to Chris Vignes on Twitter). Here are a few quotes from the Congressman of the Slabbed:

“It was an effort in futility,” Taylor said, within minutes of returning from the flight. “It’s criminal what’s going on out there. This doesn’t have to happen.”……. Continue reading “BREAKING: Gene Taylor unloads on the BP spill response: "I”

Chris Vignes, member of the Slabbed Nation, is on a blackhawk with Representative Taylor and Senator Wicker over the Mississippi sound.

Chris and I landed on each others radar screens as we both were at Senator Wicker’s insurance roundtable this past April.  We’ve been following each other via twitter since and we’ve noted Chris has retweeted a few of our posts.

Today he is on twitter posting pictures from the chopper and giving short observations for his twitter followers which includes the Slabbed Nation.

As the oil begins coming ashore it is clear both Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour andPhil “Lawnmower Fumes” Bryant are the early losers. Simply put I’ve talked to folks that are die hard Republicans on and off the coast that tell me they’ll never vote for Bryant after his idiotic remarks. Meantime Haley is getting killed in the court of public opinion on the flat out stupid remarks he made in opposition to the BP escrow which will be used to pay impacted locals. This could not happen to 2 more deserving career politicians in Bryant and Barbour.


BREAKING: Who Dat Judge Martin Feldman owned Exxon-Mobile when he heard agruments in the deep water drill ban. Slabbed again calls for his immediate removal from the bench and impeachment.

So far the AP has mangled the story but the Wall Street Journal caught Feldman’s dirty little problem and it is there we begin:

Legal documents released Friday by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts reveal that U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman sold his holdings in Exxon Mobil Corp. on Tuesday, the same day he blocked the Obama administration’s drilling moratorium.

Exxon Mobil was among the companies using drilling rigs whose operations were suspended under the administration’s moratorium, according to Exxon spokeswoman Cynthia Bergman.

According to federal law, federal judges are required to step aside from cases that present financial conflicts. Continue reading “BREAKING: Who Dat Judge Martin Feldman owned Exxon-Mobile when he heard agruments in the deep water drill ban. Slabbed again calls for his immediate removal from the bench and impeachment.”

Yesterday it was oil in the sound. Tomorrow it will be oil on the beach.

I heard some things today that made my blood boil regarding the politically connected people that have received BP cleanup contracts here in Mississippi.  I heard these things in connection with my day job and I can’t disclose that which I was told. It is my hope the local media takes a hard look at the beneficiaries of this mess.

Folks I am overwhelmed right now with a profound sense of sadness. Geoff Pender files the Sun Herald report:

Mississippi’s lucky streak appears to be ending, with oil from the BP disaster washing into the Mississippi Sound and likely to make landfall on mainland beaches within the next few days, said Trudy Fisher, head of the state Department of Environmental Quality.

“I think we all need to be mentally prepared to see some impact on our beaches,”


It was inevitable and now it is official. Oil has been spotted in the Mississippi Sound.

This explains all the cleanup crews on the beach today at Broad Avenue which is literally blocks from my Slab. Geoff Pender at the Sun Herald files the report.

Speaking of Geoff, we shot a  few spit balls at him a few months back. He is normally the political columnist for the paper and he does good work.  With newspapers cut to the bone in response to post financial crash business realities, Geoff has pitched in on the news side of the house and his reporting on the spill has been very professional.

Recently we’ve shot a few spitballs at Boss Hogg and his side kick Barney Fife but the respectable version of the sentiments we’ve expressed are best expressed by Geoff in a piece that was virtually ignored off the coast here in Mississippi.  Geoff speaks for the Slabbed Nation in terms of the political stakes and is well worth the read.

Finally I’ll add Mississippi’s barrier islands are free from development except for a historic civil war fort and a low impact boardwalk across Ship Island for beach goers and the many naturalists which use the Island’s natural beauty in their artwork. As our friend Rob Young at Western Carolina University found out coastal Mississippians are conservationists by nature and we treasure the bounty and bio diversity of our marshes, river estuaries, islands and the open water. Here at Slabbed we’ll be taking screw ups like those highlighted in the previous post personally and trust me when I say no one should wish that on themselves.


The failure is complete: This is what has happened on Grand Isle Louisiana.

The sorry sad fact is the politicians are as much to blame as BP. In Jefferson Parish a political hack named Deano Bonano is in charge of this and he is sponsored by crooked local politicians.  Throw in some worthless contractors including our old friends at Worley Catastrophe and an oil company with an open checkbook and the clusterfuck is complete.

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