Not to be outdone by the new royal baby, the royal babies……..

On the Jefferson Parish Council arrived by helicopter for a weekend of debauchery in Grand Isle before shamelessly using the tragic murder of Ahlitta North to bash Parish Prez John Young and the code enforcement department.  I guess Chris Roberts and company liked it better back in the olden days when the person in charge of code was carrying on a torrid extramarital affair with a certain Parish Attorney.

Newbie Adriane Quinlan has all the jackassery and more for NOLA Media Group.

Next up is the brawl in Kenna as Walt Bennetti has throw down the gauntlet and challenged Greg Buisson to a cyber fight.  I have Walt on speed dial and I have Greg on speed dial but mainly I’m gonna enjoy watching the donnybrook because after all, its Kenna Bra.  😉

In other news, yes I have been keeping up with the latest wetlands lawsuit filed by the East Bank Levee Board. Bobby Jindal remains a self serving narcissist and shoeshine boy to the oil industry.

Finally I’d like to say it is pretty much an open secret that the FBI has resumed poking around the Yenni Building and the betting money is on JPAC.

Ash Wednesday Special: Fred Heebe gets all the headlines…..

But it is Henry Mouton’s relationship with certain current and former officials in Jefferson Parish that interests me the most. Following is a letter from Henry Mouton to Angela Pacaccio where in May, 2011 he was just sooooooo helpful with the Tarpon Rodeo in Grand Isle.  Ms Pacaccio is privy to a myriad of places where bodies and bones are buried. (H/T Patricia)

Henry Mouton letter to Pacaccio (redacted)

Welp, it looks like Anne Marie isn’t the only former employee suing Jefferson Parish….

Well folks all I can say is I read Ms Pacaccio’s petition and she comes across to me like a woman scorned.  A perusal of Jeff Net indicates Ms Pacaccio’s star witness is none other than disgraced former Parish Prez turned government informant Tim Coulon, who I am certain can well illuminate Ms Pacaccio’s tenure on the 10th floor of the Yenni Building.

Pacaccio is represented by Goatherder lawyer Carl Finley, who evidently found time to draft the Pacaccio complaint around making a threatening phone call to Anne Marie Vandenweghe in April 2011 on behalf of Aaron Broussard, Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary complaining about “her brother’s” work exposing corruption on Slabbed.

Frankly folks I do not see this suit going anywhere but the gutter but what do I know?  😉 ~ sop

OK folks, for all you freaks looking for Tarpon Rodeo porn

1936 Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo / Courtesy of a reader

I had to laugh last week when Fox 8’s Bob Breck pumped the Grand Isle Tarpon rodeo admonishing locals to bring the kids because it is clear Breck is ignorant of the happenings on Grand Isle during the drunken bacchanal known as the Tarpon Rodeo as it is light years from being kid friendly.  I only mention this because Slabbed is getting some elevated site traffic of late from those wishing to see “grand isle tarpon rodeo naked pics”.  We’ve written lots on these pages about this particular fishin’ rodeo through time but my view from the inside of Slabbed via the google searches is that people have the event associated with hot tuna but not necessarily the fishin’ variety.

If you had been paying close attention yesterday to Youtube for instance, there was this video from the 2012 rodeo that showed a sex worker doing amazing things with a coke bottle.  Forget Sodom and Gomorrah because today state public health officials are more worried about the potential bad consequences of the sodomy and gonorrhea that appear to be running rampant on the Isle this time of year.

In order to contain the outbreak here on Slabbed, I’ll try to confine any nasty videos, pictures and/or news reporting on same from the 2012 Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo to this post.  As the picture above illustrates this isn’t your grandma’s Tarpon rodeo folks.


It must be getting close to Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo time…..

And that is because Slabbed is getting site traffic from the Google search string tarpon rodeo boat sex.

Now don’t get me wrong folks, I’m completely down with a bunch of drunks having a mid summer bacchanal where there is lots public nudity and associated group acrobatics.  My beef is local politicos going on the TeeVee saying the rodeo is a family event because it clearly isn’t.

In any event potential attendees for this year’s event are getting pumped looking for info on the upcoming rodeo.