The Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin child molestation retrial is today….

I feel relatively certain Paul Purpura is there for the Times Picayune. We’ll be having more on this when news comes regarding a verdict.


Hung Jury: Molestin’ Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin gets a mistrial.

Folks the bottom line here is all Jerry Dantin’s lawyer Robert Toale  had to defend his client was to attack the victim and his Momma because despite Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois’ best efforts to fuck this case up from the start, the jury still came within one vote of sending the perv up to Angola for the rest of his life.  Even the prosecution acknowledged the obvious per Paul Purpura’s story on the topic straight from the Gretna courthouse:

Assistant District Attorney Jerry Smith did not sugarcoat what appeared to happen in Dubois’ office, saying in closing argument that Dubois and Camardelle believed Dantin over the boy’s mother, and that by gathering in the chief’s office, “they knew they could smooth this over.”

“What happens on the island stays on the island,” Smith said.

In previous posts on this topic I wrote that Slabbed was keeping its editorial mind open to the fact that DA Paul Connick’s office was half-assing the prosecution of Dantin, who is politically connected through Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle and his long standing friendship with police chief Euris Dubois.  I think Paul’s report makes it clear ADA Jerry Smith pursued this case, purposely flawed at the investigative stage IMHO, as aggressively as he could given what he had to work with. Paul Connick and his office gets lots of well deserved criticism here on Slabbed but in this instance they get props for prosecuting this case despite the political heat applied to Connick by a certain west bank crooked politico whose initials are John Alario.

I have a fair amount of material accumulated that is tangentially related to the Dantin case that will be rollled out while we await a new trial date.


Grand Isle Louisiana: A Pedophile’s paradise? Maybe so long as ol’ Euris is around running interference…..

Folks the mental picture I’m forming of Grand Isle is straight from the movie Deliverance and like Mayor David Carmadelle’s child molesting step dad, Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin we have another case with coverup, the commonality being Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois as I quote:

Elizabeth M. further testified that she spoke to V.D.H. on the porch of the Grand Isle Police building on the day that V.D.H. reported the abuse. She said that V.D.H. told her, “My dad’s been doing things to me that shouldn’t have been done,” but V.D.H. seemed relaxed and was smiling.

Defendant’s friends and neighbors, Joycelyn Horton, Robert Rosiere, Stephanie Odom, Carrie Mallahan, and Harold Cheramie, testified that in the community V.D.H. had a reputation for being untruthful and that the defendant had a good reputation. Euris Dubois, a Grand Isle alderman, also testified that the defendant had a good reputation in the community. Finally, the State stipulated that the remaining defense witnesses, if called, would testify that they “have personal knowledge of both defendant and the victim, that the defendant is a pillar of the community and has a good reputation for truthfulness and the victim is a liar…

Blaming the molestation victim is a popular tactic down Grand Isle way. This is the way the court of appeals saw it: Continue reading “Grand Isle Louisiana: A Pedophile’s paradise? Maybe so long as ol’ Euris is around running interference…..”