Then and Now: Mississippi Power in line for another Credit Downgrade after Kemper Cost Continue to Skyrocket

RFP gets the credit for this post for doing most all of the legwork gathering these blasts from the past. First up is the latest from Moody’s Investor Service.

Moody’s Investors Service placed Mississippi Power Company’s ratings on review for another downgrade after the company last week announced a ninth extension for placing the now $7 billion Kemper energy facility into service using lignite. ~ Mary Perez 2-6-17

“There’s a big capital cost, I get that, but the energy coming out of this technology will be super-cheap,” Fanning said.He said Kemper’s technology, which would capture carbon dioxide and other byproducts and sell them to other users is “a home run, not only for the state of Mississippi but for America and the world.” ~ Tom Fanning, Chairman and CEO of Southern Company

Bonus quote from the above article:

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Republican U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper and others attacked President Barack Obama’s administration and environmentalists.

Giuliani said those opposed to burning coal and drilling for oil are “living in some kind of ideological dream world that makes sense only to you.”

“As long as I’m governor, Mississippi is going to have an energy policy, and our energy policy is more American energy. It’s projects like these and efforts like this that will help us (economically), not only now, but in the long term. . . This is going to produce reliable power for Mississippi for decades and decades to come.” ~ Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour

Bonus quote:

But Barbour praised the plant for its relative eco-friendliness, saying, “The Left said there’s no such thing as clean coal — Well, this is it!”

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As the fools play: Pissin’ away your tax dollars

After all folks we have tax money to burn when it comes to Hollywood giveaways so first the theme song of the Mississippi legislature:

Yelling ‘Cut!’ for Moviemaking Tax Breaks: States keep discovering that the dreamed-of benefits don’t materialize. ~ Chris Hudon and Donald Bryson

And despite the overwhelming evidence these taxpayer Film incentives are spend a dollar to gain a quarter type propositions that make absolutely no economic sense, one of the major accomplishments of the 2015 Mississippi legislature was finally instituting this taxpayer funded giveaway to out of state business interests. Its not that the leadership in this state being backwards that makes this so bad. Its that the leadership is both late and backwards that helps keep us snake bit when it comes to economic development. Meantime the fools play (with your tax money). Continue reading “As the fools play: Pissin’ away your tax dollars”

Wednesday Open: Don’t believe a word the Gov or Chaney says….

Folks I’m afraid our Gov and Insurance Commissioner are still wholly owned subsidiaries of State Farm. Last election they both supported a Policyholder Bill of Rights and here we are four years later with zilch, zip and nada so I wouldn’t hang my hat on anything Bryant or Chaney has to say about actually helping the people that elect ’em down here on the coast.

Next up is SRHS as now each case that was removed to Federal Court has been remanded:

SRHS cases headed back to Chancery ~ Anita Lee

Rumor holds the fight in Chancery court is shaping up to be a nasty one, which happens to be Slabbed’s favorite variety.

Next up from Diamondhead and a full contact POA meeting:

Former DH POA President Elton Marshall Kyger found guilty of assault ~ Dwayne Bremer

I end with this:

What right do you have to an opinion about anything? ~ Library Chronicles Continue reading “Wednesday Open: Don’t believe a word the Gov or Chaney says….”

Marine Biologists: Speckled squash and soybeans possible but……………

But first Gov. Lawnmower Fumes was in town yesterday talking soybeans…..

I imagine there must be a marine biologists or two out there in the Slabbed Nation that can speak more intelligently about the problems and difficulties that come with the sea soybeans than I:

Oyster Imports Bringing New Disease and Invasive Species ~ The Fish Site

Dewey Cheatem and Howe plus murder conspiracy: An MDOC Update

Over the past 18 months we’ve had two major Mississippi state agencies go up in flames folks with the second crash and burn at MDOC looking like it will be spectacular. Here is a Clarion Ledger three pack on the widening scandal that now strongly appears to include murder conspiracy (H/T RFP in comments) :

Inmate’s killer: Officer opened victim’s cell door ~ Jerry Mitchell

Epps probe: ‘Mississippi Hustle’ started with sex scandal ~ Emily Le Coz

Lawyers: Epps said prison companies ‘spread’ money ~ Jerry Mitchell

And of course with these major state agency scandals breaking loose in Mississippi (on Phil Bryant’s watch) it is only natural Ignatius chimed in on Louisiana politicos being altar boys.

I think the difference involves law enforcement because the prison-industrial complex corruption problems are also well cataloged in Louisiana, even if under investigated by the authorities: Continue reading “Dewey Cheatem and Howe plus murder conspiracy: An MDOC Update”

Comment bump Wednesday: Whew doggie!

RFP solves the mystery of the scatologically challenged commenter “I Smell Poop”, who was insistent that our own Harry Connick Jr. is from Weston Connecticut.  Sight unseen I’ll posit Harry’s former homies are still feeling no love for the newest judge on American Idol. Those that wish to see more of Harry’s dark side should click here.

Next up is Ricardo, who may have solved the case of the local radio personality Jenn and her wild cab ride with a local cabbie. Like the late, great Ambrose Bierce used to say:

There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know.

Finally Kidd has proposed a solution for dealing with Louisiana’s problem with judicial overpopulation as identified yesterday by BGR.  I personally think his solution is a bit draconian.

Meantime in other news……

Katrina flood lawsuit plaintiffs ask judge to rule against Aaron Broussard ~ Paul Purpura

Cross motions for summary judgment on the same issue, in this case whether the former Goatherder in Chief was so busy lining his pockets with graft that his failure to lead Parish Government during and after Hurricane Katrina is tantamount to “willful and wanton misconduct” is a ballsy legal gambit folks.  Yes, my own considered personal opinion is that everything Broussard did was willful and wanton, likely right on down to the crocodile tears he shed on Meet the Press.  These Goatherders are excellent crocodile criers from way far back folks. Continue reading “Comment bump Wednesday: Whew doggie!”

Lay off poor ol’ Phil. Can’t you see he likes sucking his Gov boots?

A poll found 70 percent felt the governor’s remarks “perpetuate the worst image of Mississippi. He sounds like a Neanderthal.”

He sounds to me like a guy who likes sucking on his own toes or, in Gov Phil’s case, his toes inside his Gov boots. Here is proof of that which I speak:

These boots are made for talking, and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant likes to brag on his comfy, customized footwear corralled through Cowboy Corner in Southaven.

“Well, I’m just very proud of them,” he says of his Lucchese boots with the state seal installed on the top front of each polished leather boot. “They’re just beautiful. These are cowhide — they’ll hold up.”

And here he is showing them off before insertion:

Photo by Stan Carroll / Memphis Commercial Appeal
Photo by Stan Carroll / Memphis Commercial Appeal

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From the sewer in Jefferson Parish to the sewer at the Governors Mansion in Jackson its rotten to the core

Hat Tip RFP in comments who just left the mother of all links in Phil Bryant’s major campaign contributors in one Timothy P Bonura of All South Consulting Engineers. This is not the first time Phil or an organization very close to Phil Bryant surfaces in a corruption scandal in metro New Orleans lest we forget USA v St Pierre.

DMR Scandal Day 151: Of brother in laws, toy helicopters and no accountability

It sure is folks as I have enough data points to call BS, assign blame and point a finger or two but first.

DMR required no formal bids for $5.8 million in reef work ~ Anita Lee and Paul Hampton

I love seeing the term “conprofit” in reader commentary as it is a living testament to the very good work Jason over at AZ did on Cedric “C-Note” Richmond.  In this case the fishing community filled a need after Hurricane Camille forming the Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks to build artificial reefs in state waters.  After federal money earmarked for the purpose of reef building entered the fray, politically connected swine moved in to slop on the trough. In the end a little bit of good work gets done but it is really about the slop (and the hope by those wanting to do good the slopping swine will occasionally throw them a bone). This brings me to another point that I made a few weeks ago because the Sun Herald editorial board has picked up on what is going on.

Legislature still has time to require audits of all agencies ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

So where is former State Auditor turned Gov Phil Bryant on this?  In hiding perhaps?  You see folks despite years of spouting off  “In God we trust all others we audit” in his standard Auditor Bryant stump speech, nothing of the sort was happening in the State Agencies where the vast majority of the tax money is spent.  Gov Phil claims to be a Christian man and he in fact panders to the religious right at every opportunity but what I see is a liar that does not practice what he preaches.  He lied to coast resident Kevin Buckle about supporting the Insurance Policyholder Bill of Rights when he was running for Gov, just like he routinely told that whopper when he was state auditor. The lack of oversight benefits him thus the inaction.

The bottom line is accountability in state government is not what Phil Bryant is about so let’s roll in Mark Moseley and Fred Heebe as the concept is the exact same as Jeffrey over at the Yellow Blog well explained:

High ranking public officials are not “dragonslayers.” They are club men. Their most common distinguishing characteristic is cowardice. This isn’t always a bad thing, of course. Because we are fortunate enough to live under a mildly responsive, somewhat functional, kind of democratic form of government, we can occasionally frighten the cowardly club men into doing the right thing. But what that requires from us is constant attention, and much screaming and yelling at no small expense to our leisure, our security, and to our pocketbooks.

Even so the failure rate remains high. The club, after all, is the club and its members enjoy many privileges most of us do not. In any case, there is no time in this to stop and pretend any of our presumed leaders, even when occasionally made to behave, is our friend.

If the entirety of state government were to be audited how many more of Phil Bryant’s political supporters would be under the gun?  Remember folks, Bryant took money from Billy Walker’s taxpayer funded conprofit without giving it a second thought.  Conversion of public money to serve their private self interest is how these snakes get elected to begin with but alas maybe years of auditing Mississippi government has left me jaded as I’ve seen state and local governments throw away tens of millions of dollars through the years, so I found the following somewhat amusing but certainly not shocking: Continue reading “DMR Scandal Day 151: Of brother in laws, toy helicopters and no accountability”