Can anyone explain to me why….

GOP voters are so attracted to bible thumping hypocrites, perverts and self admitted pussy grabbers?

Folks, it seems like once the perv politician starts thumping on the bible, otherwise sensible, rational people take complete leave of their senses. In my opinion, the framers of the constitution were very wise to include the First amendment and its accompanying 6 freedoms in the Constitution, including freedom from state sponsored religion, not that 45% of Americans can even name that freedom let alone the other five.

Maybe one day people will learn to run like hell when a politician starts playing preacher man but probably not in my lifetime.

Out of the Closet: Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis announces intention to join the Log Cabin Republicans

Davis also finally had to admit to the public what many folks already knew: He is gay.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is all over this story, which explains why my post on the topic, the first in the new or old media about the why behind Davis’ embezzlement problems has gone viral in north Mississippi today.  Off to the Log Cabin with you Greg as your days in office in Mississippi are winding down quickly.

One day the electorate of this state will see “family values” is just a cheap meaningless GOP talking point as the long list of whore mongers that has used the line to get elected grows by one this morning.


Magnum JD goes into syndication. Slabbed repeats “Magnum breaks out the curry for Jindy and others with Naan” but first a word from our sponsors….

Given the circumstances, this may just be the second dumbest campaign commercial Diaper David Vitter has ever run, especially since he tried to carry water for BP after the spill via limiting their liability for the damage they caused.


I’ve come to realize the danger of ideology when ordinary folks allow themselves to become unwitting dupes to those with higher personal aspiration that inhabit the political world, especially those that hold elected office.  As a young CPA I was privileged to be broke in by a guy who not only held the credential but was also a superlative businessman and of all the lessons he taught me, the why he was in business instead of politics was the one that stuck with me forever.

…..some people like money and some people like power. I like money because money rents power…… Continue reading “Magnum JD goes into syndication. Slabbed repeats “Magnum breaks out the curry for Jindy and others with Naan” but first a word from our sponsors….”