While we wait for Judge Guirola to rule: An act of cowardice

Those of you that have been regular Slabbed readers understand that earlier this year Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret, Aaron Broussard’s business agents based in Nova Scotia used a Canadian court order to shut down the Slabbed website.  I got the site back up and going with a new web host with the old site left at WordPress.com, which is owned by San Francisco based Automattic.  Automattic was named a co-defendant of mine in Leary and Perret’s latest endeavor in libel tourism via a SLAPP suit that alleges defamation because I published public court documents which revealed what they were up to in the SLAPP suit they filed against Fox 8 in connection with their coverage of Broussard’s use of the resort at Trout Point Nova Scotia as a conduit for bribery.

The suit is pure legal jackassery but Leary and Perret are using it to full effect as Automattic has deleted the old Slabbed WordPress site, without any advance communication.

The last time Leary and Perret used copy write troll techniques along with a Canadian court order Slabbed was knocked completely offline back in February and it took  herculean effort on my part to get the blog back up and going.  The fact a foreign court order was used to abridge the first amendment rights of thousands of readers and this sites commenters is astounding but it is what it is folks.

There are a couple of things Slabbed readers can do.  The first one would be to blow off what I’m writing because it is not your fight after all.  Then after the site has been knocked offline you can bombard me with emails wondering what the hell happened to the website.  Another thing, what I’ll term a constructive thing, would be to publicize this by letting the media outlets of your own choosing know what is happening.  You see I can move Slabbed to servers in the old USSR where Canadian court orders are meaningless but there is something wrong with having to move an acclaimed website overseas to preserve our first amendment rights. Surely there is a web host here in the US that will resist the efforts of corrupt libel tourists.

Meantime it is clear Automattic understands only one thing so if that is the way it’s gotta be……

OK, so the genders really do have unique viewpoints….

Who says being a financial geek is boring? As Behavioral Economist extraordinaire / Harvard University Professor Dan Ariely points out the sexes really do have different outlooks on life and he uses the google search auto complete feature to illustrate this fact. And that my friends best explains why my focus here on slabbed has been explaining the myriad of ways certain insurers f*cked us after Katrina while Nowdy’s focus has been reconciling the differing viewpoints so everyone can kiss and make up.  😉