Broussard sleazery on my mind as Aaron’s drama queen tendencies enter the corrption lexicon.

Boy this past week has been like the old days with an Aaron Broussard story a minute as the Times Picayune has done a bang up job examining the latest Broussard era turds to surface lately. We’ve done so much on Broussard lets do some semi-free association in a change of pace:

Politicians recall Aaron Broussard’s annual retreats in Lake Tahoe ~ Rich Rainey

And I to have tempted you! I, who tired
Your soul, no doubt, till it sank! Unwise,
I loved and was lowly, loved and aspired,
Loved, grieving or glad, till I made you mad,
And you meant to have hated and despised—
Whereas, you deceived me nor inquired!

Aaron Broussard hires new attorney as defense team employs new strategy ~ Rich Rainey

NOW, don’t, sir! Don’t expose me!
Just this once! This was the first and only time, I’ll swear,— Continue reading “Broussard sleazery on my mind as Aaron’s drama queen tendencies enter the corrption lexicon.”

The Goatherders have sent a message for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation

I swear folks you simply can’t make this stuff up but something tells me that on April 4th poor ol’ Charlie and Vaughn must have been mighty upset with Slabbed for breaking that nasty Aaron Broussard “silent partner” secret they’d been keeping. As is their wont there was some minor retaliation along with a message as follows:

With just 10 rooms for rent at the Lodge, the Goatherders certainly had need for silent partners as the numbers indicate but that will wait for a dedicated post that will be coming very soon. :mrgreen:


Thursday Morning Tweets

Shudda lived in Grand Isle….

Jimbo the Clown strikes again! Continue reading “Thursday Morning Tweets”

Friday Night Tweet: Bad News Friday for the Goatherders

Coastal Shoring owner loses round in court ~ Paul Purpura


Prostate Cancer on my mind: Let’s examine the latest Aaron Broussard jackassery.

Folks my mind is open to the possibility these Goatherders are the biggest bunch of first class bitch girly men in the entire South (plus Nova Scotia). Why do I say this? Simple folks, Aaron Broussard has gone on Payola radio complaining how some people view the latest Broussard PR blitz regarding his prostate cancer as “convenient”. (Hat Tweet Editilla via Twitter)

Here at Slabbed, we held our fire yesterday as Cancer is no laughing matter, even the less aggressive varieties such as prostate cancer. That said it is clear that after Broussard gave fellow Goatherder Eric Paulsen, aka the Toolman, an exclusive one on one interview yesterday for WWL TeeVee he simply did not feel the love from the general public. Let’s start with that segment so everyone can catch up:

Luckily Aaron Broussard is not the first guy to contract cancer down low and my advice to the man would be to buck up and make the best of things. For instance several years ago comedian Tom Green Continue reading “Prostate Cancer on my mind: Let’s examine the latest Aaron Broussard jackassery.”

Aaron Broussard arraignment links: Team Fed seeks over $350,000 in forfeitures while Broussard continues to lose weight on his “indictment diet”

Let’s start with that Goatherder also known as the Toolman at WWL Tee Vee along with legal analyst Chick Foret.

I believe it was Slabbed that first reported Broussard’s indictment diet as it is clear Aaron, like his late former lawyer/business agent Roy D’Aquila, has a few butterflies on his tummy tum tum. I mention it because Broussard was yammering about it yesterday while making nice with the assembled main stream media as illustrated by the next 2 links.

Aaron Broussard arraigned on new charges (and is sticking with the indictment diet) ~ Fox 8 Tee Vee

Ex-Parish President, Attorney Arraigned On New Charges ~ WDSU Tee Vee

Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson plead innocent to 6 new federal fraud charges ~ Paul Rioux @ The Times Picayune

The Louisiana way is hard to leave behind ~ Louisiana Political Columnist John Maginnis