It’s official: Now there are two buttheads by the name of Scott Walker…..

Scott Walker booking photo / The Sun Herald

Here is the local version on the right, a GOP wannabe in waiting from Jackson County and good buddy to Steven Palazzo.

Here is the Wisconsin version.  At least our guy is a happy drunk.

Scott Walker, (Idiot) Wisconsin

Naturally Jon Stewart had a take on this entire Scott Walker is an idiot saga and this is what he said last night about Gov Walker being punked by a left wing blogger from Buffalo.  Score one for the blogger because Walker is little more than a genuflecting David Koch knob shiner who sold the people in Wisconsin out to the highest big business bidder.

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Remember what I said about Longshanks being right about the American people being made into slaves? Continue reading “It’s official: Now there are two buttheads by the name of Scott Walker…..”

Welcome to the party George. Did you make sure Phil Bryant got a copy of your letter?

For some time now, devious undercurrents of hate and anger have been festering in our country.

In recent months, as rhetoric grew red-hot over healthcare reform and immigration, the wounded Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords had been the target of numerous death threats. Her local office in Tucson had been vandalized and the corner across the street had become a central location for protests. Most recently, a Sarah Palin graphic depicted her district in the crosshairs of a gun.

Politicians in Arizona used the immigration debate to spread falsehoods about mass killings in the desert near the border, sparking hysteria in the streets, portraying a state under siege by immigrants.

The discourse quickly turned venomous. The dangerous rumors were being perpetuated on Internet blogs and by the noisy back-and-forth bickering on cable news networks that covered the congressional campaigns.

As we see now, this practice of feeding on fear and spreading hate is dangerously irresponsible and potentially deadly, and yet, in today’s America it seems there is no escaping it.

To the extent politicians, generally in the GOP these days,  fan the flames of hate to further their own personal goals, it seems to me the political class has brought this upon themselves. While I applaud Mayor Schloegel for penning this letter, I’d also be remiss if I did not remind him Continue reading “Welcome to the party George. Did you make sure Phil Bryant got a copy of your letter?”

This is the end result of all the Palin/Fox News/Beck hate mongering

Sure enough some dumb ass red neck down south has decided to burn some Muslims out.  Meantime Rupert Murdock, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck laugh all the way to the bank.  And to think these hypocrites actually invoke the name of the Christian Almighty in their demagogic public speaking.

One person suffering the end result of this jackassery is one too many.

This isn’t too far from the white sheet days folks. Maybe one day sanity will return.


Glenn Beck battles Nazi Tourettes from the Boiler Room. And now a word from our

Folks, Glenn Beck is rapidly becoming the gift that keeps on giving as he and his sponsors are subjected to the scrutiny that accompanies his paranoid delusions that modern days nazis are coming to get him. You got to give the man his due though as he has amassed an impressive audience of marks for his sponsors to prey upon in this case gold coin manufacturer Goldline International, Inc.

I’ve made no secret that I’m an old stock market basher from way far back (though my pumping skills are also generally well thought of) and if there is one thing a basher hates is a boiler room pumper and it appears ol’ Glenn is cut from that cloth. I’m not going into the political pissing match going on between Glenn and a gentleman that is rapidly becoming one of my favorite US Representatives (behind Gene of course) in New York Congressman Anthony Weiner because politics has nothing to do with this post beyond ol’ Glenn being scrutinized on the same level he subjects the peace corps so lets begin with Yahoo Finance’s AP story on Glenn and his bestest sponsor:

A New York congressman says a California gold-dealing company that advertises heavily on conservative talk shows is overcharging its customers and preying on their fears about inflation.

Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner released a report Tuesday saying that Goldline International Inc. “rips off consumers, uses misleading and possibly illegal sales tactics, and deliberately manipulates public fears of an impending government takeover.”

The calculations are straight forward and I’ll admit to being a tad jealous for not thinking of running this calc myself as we continue: Continue reading “Glenn Beck battles Nazi Tourettes from the Boiler Room. And now a word from our”

Back in Black – Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's: Thank God for Arizona Part Deux.

H/T Jarvis DeBerry on twitter.  I’d say it amazes me that people actually watch that charlatan but I know better than to be amazed…..

Glenn Beck needs to find an attic and hide there for the next three years without making a sound.

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Glass jaws? My personal favorite was from Gene Taylor’s Moss Point town hall meeting in August 2009. One of the attendees had a poster of Pelosi dressed up as a Brownshirt.


‘Nuff said