The biggest winner on Saturday was….

Brothel Billy and Slabbed New Media, LLC of course.

It does not happen often, but our participation with Mr. Billy in his “election” campaign caused us to burn off a follower on twitter. For my part if you’re on twitter I highly recommend the Nunny parody account because the talent behind it is undeniably top notch.

Meantime over in the City Adrastos skewers Vitty

I think I’m fixing to join the party and skewer me a politician or two as ’tis the season. Until then enjoy Adrastos who can also be found on twitter.

As you may have already heard by now, Bitter Vitter is a champion #KochSucker and literally, not figuratively, as Joey the Shark is wont to say. Last week Vitter inserted his head up the Koch’s pasty white rectums and left it there, which gives a whole new meaning to the name Diaper Dave:

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) told a town hall audience on Tuesday that he believes oil billionaires Charles and David Koch to be “two of the most patriotic Americans in the history of the Earth.” A ThinkProgress review of campaign contribution records finds that he and his leadership PAC have received at least $57,500 from the brothers’ corporate political action committee.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Vitter says in video posted by American Bridge 21st Century, “My reaction is: God bless the Koch brothers. They’re fighting for our freedom.”

Continue Reading at First Draft. (H/T Editilla)

Anderson Cooper’s strange fixation with Nunny during the Oil Spill comes into sharper focus……

Slabbed lifers well know I was very critical of Billy Nungesser being a permanent guest host on AC360 back during the oil spill given the baggage that comes with the guy.  Frankly I thought the fixation was indeed strange and that’s not to mention the crazy perverted stuff about Nunny and Gidget’s girls back in the day but Nunny is a golden child in certain GOP circles and this does not count persistent rumors of the Plaquemines Parish Prez and golden showers.

I mention all this because Anderson Cooper made his sexual orientation official via an online letter as the attraction to our favorite local fat ass comes into sharper focus.


That ain’t donut glaze on David Vitter’s diaper as he was the biggest loser in Saturday’s election

The Louisiana  TEA Party, by extension, is also a big loser.  John Maginnis has some quality analysis for the Times Picayune of Jay Dardenne’s win over Nunny and Jim Tucker’s crushing loss in the Secretary of State’s race.

Not mentioned by also big losers was the Jefferson Parish Council who now will have to learn to deal with an independent inspector general.


Gidget’s guys: Goober nails the Vitty endorsement of Nunny

Everyone is still scratching their heads over Diaper David Vitter’s endorsement of Billy Nungesser aka Bubba aka Nunny for the La Lite Gov against an incumbent from his own party. Nungesser is the subject of a federal investigation into how the Parish spent Katrina recovery funding, is the idiot that helped Bobby Jindal shake down BP for those useless sand berms and is otherwise a useless fat piece of crap.  Folks I do not recommend visualizing what it looked like when he crawled on top of one of Gidget’s girls running up a 5 figure tab with the Canal Street Madam that his daddy ended up making good per Jeanette Maier aka Gidget aka the Canal Street Madam who personally told me this in a telephonic interview.  Now she made it clear that she took anyone’s money including Norman Robinson at WDSU, who reportedly like his women very blonde but she also made it clear she had no use for Nunny on a personal level.  I know I trust Gidget far more than I’d ever trust a typical Louisiana politician.

In any event Goober over at the Plaquemine’s Parish forums at NOLA did a good job making the Gidget connection linking us, Oyster aka Mark Moseley and Scott McKay over at The Hayride, which has rapidly become the GOP blog of choice in Louisiana.  Oyster’s work on Diaper David Vitter and his proclivities with prostitutes over at Your Right Hand Thief is the literal magnum opus on the subject.  All of Goober’s links and research are well worth the read.