The other day I ran a guest post from Uptown Music and it was well received.  I edited out the last paragraph though as it made a good post all on its own.

Seems to me that if the goal is to do quality journalism that can be accomplished.  Money to fuel “the movement” is a game changer though as money corrupts.  I know one way around that, at least short term but it too comes with its own “baggage”. In any event the rest of Uptown Music’s email:

What little faith I have left is now invested in Slabbed and your ilk. I am hoping in about 6-8 months to get out from under a pile of debt so that I can start contributing to your fine efforts. My fear is: What will eventually occur to this mass movement? However, at this point the main task is to create the mass movement for transparency and honesty. A man can dream, anyway.

Maybe this is a bridge too far but Steve pointed out there is one place that gives grants for transparency projects, national security and human rights but I fear the Faux news crowd would choke. It is rich considering Rupert Murdoch’s pedigree but there are lots of simple minds that need educating ’round here. :mrgreen: