Metro New Orleans Miscellany

First up is the Jefferson Parish Hospital debacle. I have sources that are telling me that Chris Roberts was right about HCA’s numbers not adding up. As unlikely as that appears it’s a subject well worth exploring in greater detail, especially given the 4-3 votes of late on the Hospital privatization process.

Next up are a couple of links from Gordon Russell over at the Advocate as today’s word for the day is Prescient as Slabbed once again takes a few minor victory laps.

Nagin’s lawyer failed to impress, but lackluster defense unlikely grounds for appeal

Analysis: Why Key Figure in Nagin case was never charged

And we have this from Drew Broach over at NOLA.

Aaron Broussard moves to federal prison in Tallahassee, Fla

FCI Tallahassee lists itself as a female prison thus it is not likely Broussard would end up there permanently.  I did notice there is a detention center at this facility as well. I continue to hear the former Goatherder in Chief is headed for Pensacola. We’ll see.

And the Winner is……………………………

‘Businessman A,’ accused of bribing Ray Nagin, is cinema owner George Solomon, sources say ~ Gordon Russell

Well slap me naked and call me Francis, ’cause I saw ol’ George in my review of the former Goatherder in Chief’s files. And Joe Canizaro too.

Worth noting is Team Letten allowed the statute of limitations to proscribe on Solomon’s alleged bribe of Ray Nagin as my guesses of the owners of Nova Scotia Enterprises comes into much sharper focus.