There was indeed wailing and gnashing of teeth…

Sure was folks, exactly one week ago there was drama aplenty at the last Bay St Louis City Council meeting. Let’s start with a drive through:

‘No drive-thrus in downtown’ — BSL citizens show up in droves to protest zoning changes ~ Stacey Cato

This location must be cursed, rumor holds by an undiscovered poltergeist type of Native American burial ground for all the controversy it has caused. For instance it seems like just yesterday…..

Ward 4 Councilman’s Interference in Ward 2 dispute between shop owners the talk of the town ~ Doug Handshoe

The irony inherent to this whole drive through dust up was not lost on Miss Kathleen Johnson:

“They” did not want canopies and artists down town. The replacement a corporate drive thru they find totally unpalatable. KARMA

Social media has been buzzing and there is talk of an organized boycott of 200 North Beach Restaurant, one of developer Jim MacPhaille’s portfolio of old town properties. The ‘busy-body’ aspect to this latest dust up amuses. See folks, by my reckoning the MacPhaille train left the station several years ago. They’re to the executing phase of things and a PJ’s on those near corner properties will enhance the entire area. Old Town Bay St Louis is changing and the pace of change is quickening. The worse news is the real estate shakeout is not nearly done. The people I speak with whose opinions I value told me years ago the number one issue coming to Old Town was parking. Population density trends there are no where near the peak given the development that is currently on the books not counting what Mr. MacPhaille plans for the old middle school on Second Street. Parking in Old Town Bay St Louis will only get worse. Continue reading “There was indeed wailing and gnashing of teeth…”


It appears the Dog Days of Summer have arrived early folks. That said I have a reader submitted link on the Mayor’s panel at the recently concluded Essence Festival that is worth exploring for a couple of reasons:

At Essence panel, mayors discuss ways to combat gentrification ~ Dennis Persica

Too many rich folks messing up the neighborhood? That’s easy folks as I’d invite Hizzoners to send their problems to Bay St Louis where we always have room for one more family (Traditional or otherwise) with money no questions asked. Plus it will serve to cut down on the “gobbledygook” involved with rationalizing institutionalized poverty and its brother institutionalized crime.

Since it was Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed that stepped out the biggest according to Persica’s article, it was only natural I’d do some digging on the success stories he touted such as Tyler Perry’s proposed Movie Studio at the site of the old Fort McPherson, located near downtown Atlanta. Perry will purchase 346 acres for the bargain basement price of $86,700/acre to go along with the massive tax incentives available in Georgia to encourage filming there.

To me, touting transferable tax credits that costs the taxpayers far more than they ever get in return while chasing out the rich folks is a recipe for economic disaster but what do I know? This I do know, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia have become expert at economic development boondoggles, funded as it is with our hard earned tax dollars.  At some point some financial sanity has to enter the equation with the politicians and bureaucracy. Don’t hold your breath.