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In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Getting ziggy with Zainey and Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams

That’s right folks as it is an openly discussed fact that Judge Jay Zainey has a blanket recusal in effect in cases involving Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams. Unlike Judge Feldman’s blanket recusal involving a former paramour, the reason behind this step down is very tightly held and despite my working this angle since January I have yet to ascertain the why. Maybe someone will shed some light on this in comments.


So what if BP is using Magnum to buy all the major politicians like Bobby Jindal and Mary Landrieu?

Just in case anyone was wondering how a relatively few individuals on Wall Street could almost single-handedly bankrupt the country and not a single person went to jail for any of the massive financial frauds that have come to light (we bailed them out instead) wonder no more as the good folks over at Zero Hedge compare and contrast campaign finance reports of Harry Reid with John Boehner pointing out both men are owned by corporate interests lock stock and barrel.

Now before the oil spill the politicians that were owned by big oil locally could be pretty open about that fact as Mary Landrieu’s career campaign finance reports indicate. I strongly suspect sight unseen Bobby Jindal got a bunch of oil and gas ca$h too as he got lots as a congressman.  After the spill it just wouldn’t look so good for any politician that was excoriating BP to take campaign ca$h from them but it seems as if there is always willing middle man to spread the wealth and into our narrative enter Magnum JD, his partner and their nonrefundable $1.115 million dollar contract with BP to provide advice on how to deal with state officials. Let’s follow the money and take a looksie at a partial list of the fundraisers ol’ Mags held around that time period:

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Continental Casualty Company calls Bull (Durham) on Magnum and his firm, files suit.

Continental Casualty Co. filed suit in Louisiana federal court Friday alleging it should not have to pay to defend Gauthier Houghtaling & Williams LLP in actor Stephen Baldwin’s lawsuit over a $52 million joint venture deal with one of the firm’s partners.

I’ll see if I can update this post with case docs after I’ve had a chance to hit PACER.


In this episode of Magnum J.D.: April fools or MAD, Team Magnum files an answer and reconventional demand in the lawsuit involving his former partners. (The problem with telling lies is keeping them straight)

Folks Team Magnum, in what I can only describe as an April fools joke, filed an Answer and Reconventional Demand in the suit involving his brother and other former partners at the firm of Gauthier Houghtaling & Williams who left the firm I’m told because of the massive conflict of interests Team Magnum has playing both sides against the middle representing clients against BP while simultaneously representing BP.

The answer contains all the stock denials that one would expect in the early stages of a lawsuit but Team Magnum is taking this a step further with their Reconventional Demand on page 13 of the pdf I linked above. In paragraph 145 Magnum essentially admits to his blatant conflict of interest involving BP while he centers his attack against his former partners making allegations of client poaching that really have no context absent the conflict of interest involving Houghtaling’s company Ocean Therapy Solutions doing business with BP while he trolled for clients to sue BP and Magnum’s lust to sign a legal representation contract with BP. Let’s revisit a the key point in paragraph 145 and compare to the contemporary news report we featured back in June 2010 from Fox 8:

While Huber, Slack, Brian Houghtaling, Pandit and Thomas were encouraged to generate new business for the firm (with GHW Continue reading

And to think Eric Paulsen had an insurance case against State Farm we somehow missed….

This pleading came to me captioned Gates – Best Pleading Ever and in a strange slabbed sort of way it is as we find an example of a plaintiffs lawyer doing some of the sleazy things we’ve come to expect from State Farm lawyers like our old friend Scot Spragins of Kuehn infamy. Best of all it allows me to roll out some of Eric’s off air friends like Shane (D’Antoni) Gates and Danny Abel. To wit:

First, Plaintiff and Shane Gates (also known as Shane L. D’Antoni) are creditor/mortgagee and debtor/mortgagor on the very property as issue in this lawsuit, 56345 McManus Road in Slidell, Louisiana. 2 Thus when Baumgartner questioned Plaintiff at his deposition regarding his “unusual relationship” with Gates and why Gates seemed to be living at the McManus Road Property, Plaintiff’s reply that “Gates made a few mortgage payments” for Plaintiff has a whole new set of implications in light of the unearthing of the Bond for Deed, a transaction that has never been disclosed to State Farm or its counsel during the adjustment and lawsuit over this claim.3 Certainly in Plaintiff’s position as creditor/seller to Gates of the McManus Property, Plaintiff could have produced Gates for deposition and clearly knew at the outset when initial disclosures and discovery was made that Gates would be a witness in these proceedings. Continue reading

In this episode of Magnum JD: When it comes to the Oil Spill money grab, ethics are no object.

Question: What does a NOLA based law firm that claims legendary trial lawyer/litigator Wendell Gauthier have in common with Boss Hogg’s law firm Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes out of Jackson? Simple the color green as in cash, money, and greed as both firms have been caught with their hand in the conflict of interest cookie jar representing both sides in the current oil spill litigation. The disregard for basic legal ethics is stunning IMHO.

I only bring this up because a friend sent me this love letter from Magnum to Mark Holstein in BP’s legal department for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation.

I am writing in follow up to my previous correspondence. Our firm is eager to begin working on this matter on BP’s behalf. Please advise if we should contact anyone.

With kindest regards, I remain

I hate to share the vision of how I see the oil spill litigation unfolding but when the politicians, along with the local bar are too busy trying to cash in instead of representing the public’s or their client’s interest, “not much good” will be the end result except for those on the inside of the money grab. Continue reading

Magnum strikes back! Messes around and files suit against his Bro in Texas.

Meantime back on the ranch over in Harris County Texas this Bro versus Bro thing is getting mighty nasty……

As of November 11, 2010 we will be practicing law at our new firm, Huber Slack, Houghtaling, Pandit & Thomas, LLP.

The matter that we are handling for you is still active, and we would appreciate the opportunity to continue representing you. ·

Please sign the below signature line to inform our former firm that we will continue to handle your case. Furthermore, your signature authorizes and directs our former firm to send us your file.

Please return this letter to me by the enclosed self-addressed envelope or by email at Brian……

With best regards, I am

Sincerely Yours,

Brian J. Houghtaling

From our source Continue reading

In this episode of Magnum JD: It’s balls in a vice time as Magnum’s former partners invite him to court.

This is an outstanding law firm that has enjoyed an impeccable reputation both across the state and across the nation…My office retained Gauthier, Houghtaling & Williams to represent Louisiana in the Multi-Billion dollar subrogation claim for the Road Home Program.”

The Louisiana Attorney General
2004 – 2008

Several of our commenters such as Mr. NAAS have mentioned a possible conflict of interest involving the State of Louisiana and the Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams law firm as the above client testimonial from former AG Charlie Foti illustrates.  Now AG Caldwell is suing BP, (including hiring Steve Theriot and his daughter Wanda at taxpayer expense) while GHW is doing business with BP.  One wonders if waivers have been obtained.  This brings to mind several questions that are unanswered today such as did BP know of GHW’s representation of the State of Louisiana when they hired GHW and what has been done on Buddy Caldwell’s end to resolve this potential conflict of interest.

In other news ol’ Mags has until the 31st to answer the suit filed Continue reading

We have a winner! Slabbed proudly presents the lawsuit against Gauthier Houghtaling and Williams.

Nowdy, R in NOLA gets our first Slabbed “Shit Floats” T Shirt.  😉

From the looks of it folks, it appears Magnum spent the past couple of weeks doing what he does best in passing lots of threats to his now departed former co workers, who appear to be suing preemptively.

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I’d like to remind all our readers today is Magnum’s day in court on that disturbing the peace charge.


Mass resignations at the once storied firm of legendary litigator Wendell Gauthier? The answer my friend is blowin’ on the Slab, the answer is blowing on the Slab….

John Houghtaling and friends sporting their Sheriff's badges. Image courtesy of Magnum's facebook page.

As I’ve gotten to know elements of the greater NOLA legal community I’ve come to appreciate the legacy on the plaintiff’s side of the bar of the late Wendell Gauthier, who was a litigator’s litigator. Simply put the man had a special talent in reading and reaching juries. In fairness,  I’ve also heard the stories of the impact the man’s accumulated wealth had on elements of the local judiciary, especially at the zenith of his career with the tobacco litigation.  As Gauthier died relatively young many of his contemporaries and former partners are still around as are an entire generation of younger lawyers that learned the art of the arguing a case from Gauthier in the years before he died.

Enter Gauthier’s successor, John Houghtaling aka Magnum J.D., who dealt with Gauthier at the very end of his career before his untimely passing.  According to Magnum’s many detractors in the local legal community Houghtaling parlayed that brief association with the dying Gauthier to becoming his very young and aggressive successor.  Lawyers that knew Wendell Gauthier for decades were then chopped en mass in favor of expensive sports cars and young women. Continue reading