Grilletta, Gagne, Aiken – just a few thoughts and a little more

As this eventful week heads into the weekend, we have a lot to think about – and not a lot of time for reflection as the replys on the various motions in Gagne v State Farm are due tomorrow!  There were two motions that I’ve yet to cover that I’ll try to pick up at some point: Gagne’s Response to State Farm’s motion for partial summary judgment and Gagne’s Response to Exponent’s motion for summary judgment

Before I checked into the Aiken appeal, I would have guessed Exponent had a shot at some point.  However, Aiken is appealing what Sop called and objected to at the time –  the free pass given Rimkus.  Aiken obviously objected, too, and must have been loaded with information as USAA was able to get a significant reduction in their Bill of Costs after costs attributable to Rimkus were disallowed per this Order from Judge Senter. Revisit Sop’s post when you have time, it’s interesting and so are the comments from an engineer who had a good bit to say about the decision. Continue reading “Grilletta, Gagne, Aiken – just a few thoughts and a little more”

Following Frontline – view evidence of a false NFIP claim

katrina_road_homeMike Wells was the adjuster assigned to the Allstate claim of Robert Weiss.   Dr. and Mrs. Weiss disputed the results and subsequently filed suit.

Weiss versus Allstate became one of the landmark Katrina insurance cases in its verdict; but, a closer look at the trial testimony reveals even more startling facts.

Read an excerpt from the transcript <> with Wells denying he prepared the Weiss claim <> and confirming the information Allstate submitted to the federal government (NFIP) was false.  If Wells did not complete these federal forms, who did?

Are our readers curious as to why this $250,000 theft has not been prosecuted or even investigated while Mississippi and Louisiana residents are being prosecuted for wrongly accepting $1,000-$2,000 FEMA checks?

SLABBED got a tip that some of these answers will be be available in the next few days if we follow Frontline to <> for a more in depth review of the insurance factors in the post-Katrina recovery.