Friday Football & Music: State Championship Edition

How good is St Stanislaus QB Dylan Favre? Today the Sun Herald takes a peek at the top high school quarterbacks of all time nationally and of course Dylan fits right in. Watching him play these last  few years has been a real treat. The S/H picks the Rocks to win so who am I to argue that point, especially after reading the scouting report on Lafayette County. Tomorrow’s game in Jackson should be cold as heck and quite good. Those unable to attend can watch on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Gametime is 3 PM.

Meantime the Saints are closing in on tying an interesting NFL record for the number of different players who scored touchdowns for their team in a season. It is one of those “we’re going to the Superbowl” stats with the last 2 teams to acheive 21 being the 2007 Pats and the 2o00 Broncos. Mike Triplett at the Times Picayune has an indepth story on the topic with a link to a cool graphic showing the 19 different Saints that have scored so far. Following is a Youtube embed that shows a few of the 2009 defensive touchdowns: Continue reading “Friday Football & Music: State Championship Edition”

Friday Music: Spring days from back in the day……

Wayyyyy back in the day I had the pleasure of associating with a older member of the fairer sex who turned me on the the oldies (among other things :mrgreen: ). That in turn started my life long love affair for music from the generation prior to mine.

Nowdy sent out a suggested oldies music post that will run later this weekend and in following her link I ran across another oldie but goodie that brought back some pleasant memories. Enjoy.


Oh hell lets make it a twofer Continue reading “Friday Music: Spring days from back in the day……”

Friday Morning Music

I have a busy day ahead as I catch up from being out of town. I hope to soon author posts on the Hugh Sibley case, Ashton O’Dwyer’s legal battles, Kuehn and my good buddy H Scot Spragins 😉 and an insurance/financial post on money, greed and disconnect.