Friday Music: Dedicated to Jon and Chereen. XOXO ~ SupaSleuth

Folks it is the comments to our posts which make us a daily cyber stop for people across this region and indeed across the world.  Nowdy and I remain humbled so many people place their trust in us posting comments and sending us information, especially those that have put themselves at personal risk in doing so.

So going back on an old post and seeing this comment made me smile big this morning, especially in light of the great work Mike Hoss is doing on the travel habits of the elected officials in Jefferson Parish so today’s music is courtesy of the Sleuth, who has left several high quality comments with us. Salut:



Friday Music: Dedicated to Billy Nungesser, Bobby Jindal and their Sand Berm scheme

Rob Young mentioned to Andersen Cooper last night he would not question the motivations of the crooks in Louisiana that shook down BP to steer the resulting no bid contracts to their political cronies to build them useless sand berms. The scientists are wise not to do that and besides that’s what we’re for here at Slabbed. This one goes out to Nunny and Boy Bobby with a big Hat Tip to Editilla.