And to think the Naked Bike Ride was on Saturday……

Evidently the morning crew at WWL TV NOLA has a new morning reporter. Considering the 2017 world naked bike ride was Saturday and the route went through the quarter she must not get out much:

In the 30 plus years I’ve gone to the Quarter I’ve personally seen pretty much everything as it regards public displays of nudity and public sex acts and I do not think that is an unusual experience for most that visit. IMHO it is far less bawdy today than the late 1980s when Decatur Street was overrun with prostitutes.

My recommendation would be for Katie to visit the Quarter on the Saturday night before Labor Day to further her French Quarter education.

Consider this an open thread.

There has not been a single news story that encapsulates the reality of New Orleans today….

Than the one I highlighted and commented upon earlier this morning on Twitter.

It’s certainly not the kind of story you would see in the travel media promoting New Orleans as a tourism destination or one written by the current bane of long suffering NOLA lifers in the “hipsters” – or even in the jaded newsroom of the NOLA Media Group aka The Times Picayune, a news organization that is now a shadow of its former self.

How a once great city became the hollowed-out a place where the organs of public safety now more closely resemble a cartoonish hamster on a spinning wheel under the hood of the muscle car than an actual police force is a case study in decades of rot spawned by systemic public corruption. The integration of municipal government to more closely resemble the community in the late 70s and 1980s also meant there were more people looting the City as the old line families never left the trough, rather the trough expanded to accommodate more people. And through the decades the impacts on municipal infrastructure, public schools, public safety etc is undeniable. Continue reading “There has not been a single news story that encapsulates the reality of New Orleans today….”