Leon Cannizzaro: Yep I did it too but the rest of ’em need prosecution

All I can tell you folks is the backstabbing involved with NOLA DA Leon Cannizzaro and the NOLA Criminal District Court judges is stunning as John Simerman reports today for the T-P.  I’ve been hearing rumors about discord in both the NOLA civil and criminal district courts for well over a year and that does not count the expense funds both courts maintain that are alleged to be slush funds. Worth noting is DA Cannizzaro evidently admitted that he also partook of the forbidden fruit during his time as a criminal district court judge but that is also water long under the bridge.  Judge Frank Marullo is shit outta luck though.

This animal has lots of heads and there has been some high quality work done on various subtopics such as the computer crash at Mortgages and Conveyances by folks like Dambala at American Zombie via Humid Beings.  For my part I think Slabbed will be a net beneficiary of the strife and discord as Louisiana Attorney General Buddy ‘Tickle my ass with a feather” Caldwell enters the fray. Stay tuned folks.


From the two dogs fighting over the same piece of meat files….

I present today’s column by James Gill, which I found curious.  While Sir James stops well short of outright extolling the virtues of blind Judge Frank Marullo, the fact that brown paper bags have always been part of the local prostitution scene leaves me wondering why anyone is worried about the cost of room and board at parish prison for 30 street whores when the associated graft is likely staggering by comparison.

Back in the day whenever someone new took over vice at NOPD all the clubs would be raided so the proprietors understood who they needed to pay.  I wonder if something like that is in play here beyond the fine and forfeits.  All this is a fancy way of saying my instincts tell me there is a back story here worth knowing.