Memory Lane: Jackson County Outsource Group

The folks over at SRHS Watch solve a few year old mysteries with today’s installment:

Inside Baseball: How Roy Williams’ Son Got a Sweetheart Deal at SRHS Part I ~SRHS Watch

Those of you that need to catch up can click here.

“It’s on like a pot of neck bones!”

It sure is folks.

Through-out many of the posts Slabbed has done about the Singing River debacle one of the management decisions I questioned most was insisting on sticking with Dogan & Wilkinson despite the documented related party transactions. Background on that can be found here, here and here.

Click the image below to obtain the full 89 page pdf of the filing, which now names the SRHS Law Firm of Dogan and Wilkinson and former SRHS Board Attorney Roy Williams as a co-defendants:

Click the image to obtain 89 page pdf
Click the image to obtain 89 page pdf

Comment Bump: Of railroad tracks, overpasses and taxpayer loot in Pascagoula

Not long after Slabbed began covering the SRHS crash and burn I was contacted by a knowledgeable observer from out of this area that was kind enough to give me a refresher on Pascagoula/Jackson County politics dating back a generation or so.  The story involved SInging River Hospital and those pesky yet economically wonderful railroad tracks that run through the City of Pascagoula and a politically connected landowner. I filed that bit of wisdom away because such background, even though it is ancient history, often comes in handy when deciphering the more recent, topical events.

All of this is a long winded way of saying it was only natural when commenter Ben Dover appeared on the scene here on Slabbed Monday night, commenting on an old post that is not linkable from the Recent Comments widget on the right sidebar they would resonate with me. As such, Ben’s comments, posted to an old untitled music post, were strictly on the inside for those following Slabbed on twitter…..until now that is.  I personally can’t wait for Ben to finish the timeline:

Horny Problems in Pascagoula. Kicking over some rocks to see what’s under.

Just the other day I was out for a walk. I heard the train horn and thought to myself something like “Hope Morris didn’t hear that!” Then I thought to myself why would he have such a problem with those trains? Because even before the SRHS financial fiascos were revealed, Morris seemed to have the proverbial hard on to do something about those horns. I know they are loud and no doubt many guests at the Hilton Garden Inn in Pascagoula appreciate such old fashioned sounds less than I do (see various online reviews/complaints for the details.) Then too, building the Jackson County Chamber building about 50 feet from the crossing and then complaining about the noise was a stroke of something.

Then I thought to self something like: Maybe there is more to this horny problem? Continue reading “Comment Bump: Of railroad tracks, overpasses and taxpayer loot in Pascagoula”

Anyone else remember……

Sometime back when the SRHS pension plan fiasco first entered the news cycle, the gang at the Hospital had an early set of talking points that included yammering about how the plan was a public sector plan and that ERISA did not apply (Slabbed debunked those talking points here). Today of course the pension plan litigation is back in state court exactly where SRHS originally said it belonged in those early statements. Except now they do not like the Chancellor assigned to the case.

Quietly and behind the scenes Slabbed has been getting some sage legal analysis from the local legal community. As is often the case I can’t disclose any of what has been shared but what I can do is point to what we already know and maybe gain a few clues about the forces at play. In short this is not about the Health System as much as it is about the folks that control it and the scrappy group of retirees that aren’t going down without a fight. We start with the latest:

Who has a conflict? Certainly not the judge on SRHS cases, retirees argue ~ Anita Lee

The Sun Herald linked a copy of the recusal opposition from retiree Cynthia Almond to accompany the story and it is a must download and read. Retiree lawyers Harvey Barton and Earl Denham turn the Hospital recusal motion on its head, pointing out the glaring legal conflicts that exist between SRHS and its law firm, especially at the time the acts that are the subject of the litigation were perpetrated.

We covered all this, the rumored insider transactions involving then Board Attorney Roy Williams, SRHS and companies owned in part by Mr. Williams’ sons. One of those related party transactions is now incredibly the subject of litigation between SRHS and Team Williams.  Aside from that lawsuit however, SRHS has faithfully stood by their law firm’s side ostensibly even accepting Mr. Williams’ son as their new Board attorney, even after Slabbed placed the proverbial cherry on top with new potential conflicts. Continue reading “Anyone else remember……”

Dirty Laundry: Just a bit more color

First we had hints of multiple hat wearing at Singing River Hospital here but the narrative moved along including my subsequent disclosure that I thought I had resolved the riddle that was Mississippi Laundry Holding and Mississippi Laundry Services. Then in January Spice Girl spiced things up with a loaded comment:

Mr. Slabbed, can you investigate Crown healthcare Laundry Services? Mr. Lucas’ speedy denial got me wondering if Mississippi laundry services was used as a subcontractor. There’s smoke here and I can’t see through it…

I disclosed that I had heard the same thing and moved along with Roy Williams buried under his son Gentry and Scott Walker. RFP provided the reminder in comments:

Roy Williams’ week probably started off on the wrong foot.

Supervisor John McKay appointed Strickland to the position but noted Monday he blames SRHS attorney Roy Williams for not telling Strickland he had to step down because he had moved from Jackson County.

I thought this public statement expressed a distinct lack of solidarity within the club.

Then he was served the JCOG lawsuit.

It also may be a little uncomfortable to have lots of LLC laundry being hung out in public.

Speaking of which, maybe now is a good time to point out that more than one interesting detail can be found in the various filings of Mississippi Laundry Services, LLC and Mississippi Laundry Holding, LLC. For example, view the 2013 annual filing of Mississippi Laundry Holding, LLC to see who signed the filing as a member.

Then there is the relatively new practice of the media posting the relevant legal filings with their first reporting on these stories. This has helped put the feedback loop in high gear.

Let’s look at that 2014 LLC annual report that I first exhibited a month ago one more time: Continue reading “Dirty Laundry: Just a bit more color”