“Divide and concur! Politics is a messy business”

I have been getting some fantastic background on the upcoming New Orleans City Elections that makes the post title, taken from a reader comment seem a bit understated.  In any event I’ve heard enough about the upcoming New Orleans city elections to become interested.  As a reminder how wacky these Louisiana elections can become how about this gem from the 2010 election:

For starters we need to set the field and for that I link this article from Gambit which lays things out nicely. For the mayor’s race in particular let’s begin with this very recent article by Andrew Vanacore at the Advocate and this article circa 2010 by the T-P’s Bruce Alpert. The aftermath of Michael Bagneris not getting an Article III appointment to the LAED is one of the major drivers of Bagneris’ decision to run against Mayor Mitch.

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