Derrick Shepherd!??! Did someone say Derrick Shepherd!!!!

Folks we already knew that during the Goatherdian reign of terror in the bad old days the Parish Attorney’s office was stuffed to the point of bursting with useless political hacks. The following illustrates the process as it involved two felonious politicians in Derrick Shepherd and Aaron Broussard. If I had to guess Byron Lee will be joining those guys getting a new driver’s license.

Derrick Shepherd Parish Attorney

Post holiday news miscellany

I guess it is time to crank things back up after Thanksgiving. I had the dessert cart this year and kept things kid friendly making Lemon squares, Blonde brownies along with the traditional pumpkin pie.  Since Pizza buns were a hit with the kid set last year we tried Stuffed pizza this year and it is a keeper.  While everyone works off all the good eats here are several links of interest:

Wanna work people up and get them good and mad?  Kill and mutilate a few dolphins as the Sun Herald editorial board explains.  The panel of marine experts in the Slabbed nation seem to think a local shrimper has gone postal.

Next up is another editorial from the Sun Herald that is extraordinary in respects on the taxpayer funded land graft at the DMR where they joined Slabbed in calling for a federal investigation.  Judging from the murmurs coming from the peanut gallery we’re both a bit late to that party and that is not a bad thing per se.  The DMR withholding public documents from reporter Karen Nelson is beyond disgraceful but about par for the course. That said where there is a will there is a way as the information is out there.

Next up we go way back to early November for the fake cover of Paula Broadwell’s book on former CIA director Petraeus as reported by ABC affiliate in Denver.  The Youtube embed below is thus worth the watch.

Next up is Hurricane Sandy as people are still yammering about it in the news and social media.  Slabbed is feeling the love too as google is leading people who are now being shafted by their insurance companies to our exhaustive Katrina wind water legal dispute archives. That topic after all, is where the Slabbed’s moniker originates so the extra traffic fits. But alas these days hazard mitigation is on my mind and the post Sandy media landscape is having that discussion as well so along those lines I chuckled when a reader emailed this New York Times story on Sandy featuring Dauphin Island Alabama, the undisputed repetitive loss champion of the US.  The piece featured all the usual suspects and special interests that Slabbed has skewered from time to time along with former skeweree turned friend to the Slabbed Nation Western Carolina U professor Rob Young.  This snippet from the story sums things up on the topic: Continue reading “Post holiday news miscellany”

One of Byron Lee’s conprofits back in the news.

I managed to find a bit of internet here in the woods late this morning as this Byron Lee conprofit deal is back in the news.  I did the down and dirty on the Legislative Audit report via twitter and those wishing to catch up with former Jefferson Parish councilman Byron Lee’s association with taxpayer funded conprofits should click here, here and here.  All the usual suspects are involved in the latest including State Representive Girod Jackson.  Here is the link to the audit report and here is the link to the referenced “for profit business” seeded with taxpayer money. Finally my instant reaction via twitter:

After all none of this was a big secret. Continue reading “One of Byron Lee’s conprofits back in the news.”

Paul Rioux sings his swan song before leaving the T-P: “Audit slams Jefferson Parish Housing Authority payments to governing board, legislator’s company”

And folks he did a great job with the topic to boot before leaving the T-P to join the BGR.  Worth noting are Barry Bordelon’s nonsensical responses to the audit are highlighted in the story.  Also worth noting is Waggaman’s George Amato aka George Peterson chimed in with some spot on commentary to Rioux’s piece pointing out:

Diversified Ventures floated a bogus $50,000 invoice through the Parish after Hurricane Katrina. It was presented by former Jefferson Parish District 3 Councilman Byron Lee and pushed through by former Parish President Aaron Broussard.

Also, Diversified Ventures is tied to the illicit non-profit Jefferson Sports & Scholastic Foundation which was ran by Lester Dunn, Byron Lee’s campaign finance manager.

This is all part of the ongoing activities of the “Marrero Mafia” that gave us the likes of Derrick Shepard, Judge Alan Green and ties to the Jefferson clan. Hmm, where does Councilman Mark Spears fit into this we wonder???

How Byron Lee and Girod Jackson fit into the narrative of Broussard’s post Katrina taxpayer-funded largess remains to be seen but they clearly do.

We’re going to have more on the Housing Authority as John Young is suggesting a house cleaning, a great idea so long as the current group of perpetrators is not recycled out in favor of other politically connected herd of swine.


Louisiana Legislative Auditor exposes the Just Willing Foundation Conprofit. A Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation / Byron Lee Conprofit Update.

Why We Conducted This Audit
We initiated this audit based on concerns from our previous audit of the Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation, dated November 10, 2010, and its affiliation with Joshua Williams, the Foundation’s director.

What We Found
Foundation Reimbursed Grant Funds for Expenses Not Incurred
• Between 2006 and 2009, the Just Willing Foundation (Foundation) submitted four reimbursement requests to the Department of Social Services that included copies of checks to vendors and other supporting documentation for expenses totaling $9,766 the Foundation did not actually incur, which may have violated state law. Also, the Foundation appears to have donated $2,000 of grant/public funds to a church, which may violate the state Constitution.

Public Funds Used for Personal Purposes
• Mr. Joshua Williams used $11,416.89 of Foundation funds to pay the following: (1) $6,987.20 was paid to purchase math books for resale by his business; (2) $4,124.05 was paid for his personal fraternity expenses and social club membership dues; and (3) $305.64 was paid to himself for office supplies that the Foundation may have already paid directly to the vendor. By using $11,416.89 of public funds for his personal benefit, Mr. Williams may have violated state law.

Payments to Mr. Williams and His Business Lacked Documentation and Public Purpose
• Mr. Williams made cash withdrawals and wrote checks to himself and his personal business from the Foundation bank account totaling $145,948, but could not provide adequate documentation supporting the payments or the public purpose for these expenditures.

Federal and State Tax Concerns
• Foundation Not Tax Exempt: The Foundation claimed on grant documentation with the state that it was a notfor-profit organization and had 501(c) (3) status [exempt from federal income tax]. However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has no record of the Foundation as a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization. Since the Foundation’s tax exempt status could not be confirmed by the IRS, the Foundation may have violated state law.

Continue reading “Louisiana Legislative Auditor exposes the Just Willing Foundation Conprofit. A Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation / Byron Lee Conprofit Update.”

Some people say we’re in the dog days of summer as the Times Picayune wanders off Half Moon’s reservation around 2 weeks too late

Folks it didn’t take long for my email in box to start buzzing with this Michelle Krupa story on Diana Bajoie, a Dollar Bill Jefferson political hack with an extensive background in conprofit earmarking. The buzz of course relates entirely to the fact that none of what Krupa reported save comments from Team Bajoie is new, as it appeared here on Slabbed back on June 6th but more important relates to an exhaustive investigation into the whole “conprofit” earmarking scam done by my colleague Jason Berry over at American Zombie as it related to now congressman Cedric Richmond, whom the Times Picayune enthusiastically supported editorially for the office.  The long and short of it folks is if you want the T-P’s endorsement for political office it clearly helps to be as dirty and on the take as possible.  Jason wisely asks that we all reserve judgment on this story as the behind the scenes is likely to be complex. That said the remainder of this post will examine that complexity.

It all started back in 2010 when Jason began running an expose on Cedric Richmond’s past career as a career politician/political hack in state government.  The return on searching for the truth where ever it led was catching hell from democrat political operatives, duplicity from the GOP side of aisle and grief from the Times Picayune, who took pot shots at him in service to Mayor Half Moon, who backed Richmond to the hilt.  All this caused Slabbed to jump in supporting Jason’s excellent investigative work and in the process, applying the concepts Jason pioneered, Slabbed explored similar taxpayer funded scams in Jefferson Parish involving then Parish Councilman Byron Lee.  I am not claiming Slabbed trail blazed this topic though we did greatly help advance the conversation.

So here we are almost 2 years later and Mayor Half Moon’s pick to serve as interim city council member, Diana Bajoie skated past the local main stream media without so much as a notice of her involvement in the Dollar Bill Jefferson scam despite the fact it was reported in the Times Picayune during the course of their coverage of the Rene Gill Pratt trial. That is until last night. Continue reading “Some people say we’re in the dog days of summer as the Times Picayune wanders off Half Moon’s reservation around 2 weeks too late”