It’s all just a game to State Farm – Response in Rigsby Qui Tam tips hand! (edited)

In an absolutely amazing act of hubris, State Farm has filed a game plan in the guise of a Response to the this Court’s Order and the Rigsbys’ Submissions re: Rule 56(f) discovery

Hopefully, Judge Senter will tell the Farm boys the game is over and the party is about to start – or, as Sop might be inclined to say, they can put the BFR&G fee agreement (Exhibit 5) where the sun doesn’t shine.

Along with the so-called Response are nine exhibits: three sets of photographs of the McIntosh home (Exhibits 1, 2, and 3); copies of the checks issued the McIntoshes for flood damage (Exhibit 4); the go-ahead-Farm-boys-and-show-your-ass Exhibit 5; aging depositions of Wyatt, Ford, Ford, and Kelly (Exhibits 6 – 9) – and, then, there’s the game plan – the Memorandum. (exhibits are posted in Rigsby qui tam legal on left sidebar)

mac-ceilingThey’ve got some good looking color pictures, by the way.  It’s just that none of them show how all the water got in as clearly as the one I’ve posted on the right – but that’s how the Farm plays the claim game.  The picture you see, by the way, reportedly came from the second engineers report.  I’ll post more of these black and white copies later today. Continue reading “It’s all just a game to State Farm – Response in Rigsby Qui Tam tips hand! (edited)”

Forensics reaches settlement with McIntosh – Motion to dimiss filed

My computer locked right after I pulled up the docket and saw McIntosh attorney Tina Nicholson had entered a Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice – and all those hours I was waiting for it to get over its spell and cough up the document, I wondered dismissed what.

Now, I know: McIntosh finalized settlement with Forensic Engineering:

Plaintiffs have reached an amicable resolution to their dispute in accordance with the Notice of Settlement filed on November 9, 2007 [Doc. 797]. WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, Plaintiffs respectfully request that the Court enter an Order dismissing this cause and all its claims against Defendant, Forensic Analysis & Engineering Corp., with prejudice.

The November 9, 2007 Notice of Pending Settlement provides more background: Continue reading “Forensics reaches settlement with McIntosh – Motion to dimiss filed”

Shows RICO Suit Lawsuit Against State Farm: Amendment Allowed

I noted this story in today’s Sun Herald along with some new case filings in the RICO case against State Farm. One of the recent rulings rejects State farm’s arguments against amending the complaint, especially their unsubstantiated charges of ethical breaches on part of the Katrina Litigation Group. For the sake of the defendants I hope they come up with better defenses for the trial to rebut some of the more damning evidence in possession of the Plaintiff’s such as Forensic Engineering’s computer hard drive than Kerri Rigsby’s sex life.

It is worth noting that buried in the Dickie Scruggs case publicity was a little noticed news story about Forensic flipping and cutting a deal with the Katrina Litigation Group in exchange for their cooperation. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say about their part in this alleged criminal racketeering enterprise.

I have updated the Katrina Insurance Case Documents page to include the Shows case and added files to McIntosh. Please bear with us while we build our data base. Without further commentary on my part here is today’s Anita Lee’s Sun Herald story on Shows:

A lawsuit that Dickie Scruggs and his Scruggs Katrina Group filed for 22 policyholders against State Farm is moving forward in U.S. District Court. Continue reading “Shows RICO Suit Lawsuit Against State Farm: Amendment Allowed”