This is too rich……

I’ve had some interesting days in my 5 plus years doing this blog and today ranks right up there.

A few weeks ago I promised to publish the entire document dump from Slabbed’s Jefferson Parish Public Records Request project of 2012. Here is the first installment of docs obtained August 10, 2012, a day and week I’ll never forget as that week as I helped bury a close friend as well as box dived Aaron Broussard’s files sick as a dog with the shingles.

Here are the files from that day, some of which have been published, others not.

AMV PRR and Personnel Board Appeal

Broussard First Bank and Trust 1

Broussard First Bank and Trust 2

Broussard First Bank and Trust 3

Broussard First Bank and Trust

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Saturday Omnibus: We’re beginning to mark some important anniversaries in the DMR Scandal

By this time last year the unraveling of the Mississippi DMR had begun as we rapidly approach the one year anniversary of several important events. I’m not gonna rehash them today but I need to hook up with one contributor in order to finalize a comprehensive post on the topic that will appear soon.

Moving right along I received a reader email worried Slabbed has been subpoenaed because of our DMR coverage. At the risk of sounding like a broken record from last January the answer is no and I do not expect to receive any. That said I have heard from multiple sources the Auditor’s office investigators made sure certain peeps knew they took a very dim view on anyone involved in the scandal speaking with Slabbed. That I submit, is a major compliment on the voodoo we do here on the Slabb.

In the bad news department the long promised and not delivered “Part 2” of my exploration of Aaron Broussard’s relationship with the media and First Bank and Trust ain’t happening. Instead what I intend to do is break the pdf files down into smaller size files and post the entire Broussard files project for everyone to see in all its glory. I’d look for that beginning tomorrow.

Finally, it is time we tackled some old topics anew in the National Flood Insurance Program, Wind Claims Dumping and certain insurance commishes that clearly need a seeing eye dog. In short State Farm is headed back to the Slabb for further examination.

So about this “part two” people keep yammering about

Luckily for everyone I had a folder with pdfs saved from my great Goatherder treasure hunt last Summer at the Yenni Building over Elmwood way.  So while I try to make sense of the information I gathered I figured how about a sneak peak for those of you that have been patiently waiting.

First Bank and Trust is a high-performance Community Bank whose mission is to provide outstanding service and products to the small business community. Our diverse array of products are complemented by the personal attention to detail and the earnest concern for the well-being of the customer that only an expert Community Banker can provide. First Bank and Trust is continually networking its customers into opportunities with each other and the Bank strives to provide its customer base with valuable guidance and suitable products for the challenges of a dynamic business environment.

First Bank and Trust’s board of directors is composed of Chairman of the Board Joseph C. Canizaro, James E. Fitzmorris, Jr., Owen (Pip) Brennan Jr., Aaron F. Broussard, Maurice (Mel) L. Lagarde III Jr., Patricia C. Denechaud, CMP, A. J. Adolph, David Guidry and J. Michael Brown President and CEO of First Bank & Trust.

The entrepreneurial background of the Board is embedded in the mind, spirit and attitude of every First Bank and Trust employee. Historically, we have provided fresh solutions to the special financing needs of our small business customers. We have carved a unique niche in the small business marketplace. In the future we will continue to develop a wide range of products and services for our customer, the small business, its owners, and employees.

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Dear Joe, ab$olutely love the banking indu$try. Love, Aaron

it was the opportunity to get to know and love both of you in a way that would have never been possible outside of the intimacy of banking activities.

Who knew banking was intimate? I guess it would have to be for a self admitted corrupt politician but whatever floats your boat there Aaron. Let’s pull an oldie outta the cyber jukebox and ponder the possibilities.

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Let’s chat about the media and Aaron Broussard’s relationship with First Bank and Trust and tie a few things together. Part 1

OK folks it is time to come clean, sort of anyway.  Since late July I have been publishing documents courtesy of my fictional “gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak” that really did not come from him.  😉  Actually some of y’all may have noticed some redactions that are beyond my control but suffice it to say that I have found a literal pot o’ gold of Aaron Broussard personal information, between 80,000 to 90,000 pages of information in fact, including documents like the ones between Broussard and First Bank and Trust that I posted Friday.

I’ll add indeed verily I promise I have every reasonable expectation that there is lots of Goatherder jackassery contained in Slabbed’s Pot o’ Gold and I expect soon to publish full, unredacted versions of the various ownership agreements in ventures Broussard peddled such as La Ferme D’Acadie, Cerro Coyote and perhaps even Rauda House.  Slabbed has learned in the course of its exhaustive and ongoing investigation these documents were previously unknown to the investigative community, a defect I personally cured.

Here at Slabbed the tenets of my investigation follows one rule and one rule only: Follow the money.  Following money plays to my strengths and I have 425,000 reasons to follow the trail in its entirety and frankly I’m content to let the aftermath sort itself out.  Along those lines on Friday we introduced Joe Canizaro to the Slabbed Nation.  Joe is a Biloxi native made good from doing real estate development and is likely a hecto-millionaire somewhere in Tom Benson’s zip code.  Both have papal appearances on their resumes though Benson actually got the pope to genuflect and kiss his Saints Superbowl Ring. Lest I digress because unlike Benson, Canizaro had the power to have Aaron Broussard conduct business for First Bank and Trust on Parish Letterhead.  At the time Broussard was on the Board of Directors of FBT.

But in the course of my inspection of these documents there is another story line that I began developing last month that has since come into very sharp focus and that would be the story of the media, specifically how they handed the then unfolding scandal in Jefferson Parish, the second most populous parish in Louisiana and the most populous of the 7 parish NOLA Metro area.  In particular we examine the TeeVee stations today, which cover events like the Red Dress run in NOLA for charity in-depth, but never have a reporter to spare to cover Parish council meetings. Continue reading “Let’s chat about the media and Aaron Broussard’s relationship with First Bank and Trust and tie a few things together. Part 1”

If not for a conflict of interest Aaron Broussard would’ve had no interest at all: My Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak sends these documents for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation

Well whadda you know folks Aaron Broussard the Parish Prez and Aaron Broussard Inc are in fact a “difference without a distinction”. Let’s examine the following documents to illustrate why:

First up Aaron is a concerned director at First Bank and Trust:

As per my previous discussion with you, I will not accept any compensation from the Bank for Board related work on my part for the months of September, October, November, and December 2005.

As I expressed to you personally, this is my way of showing my support for the bank during these tough times.

Indeed these were tough times as the east bank of the Parish was suffering mightily from the after effects from the flooding that resulted from Broussard’s decision to intentionally flood the Parish via the forced evacuation of the pump operators.

And Aaron was indeed heavily involved with First Bank and Trust as this August 19, 2005 letter to him from FB&T’s Bill Roohi regarding his participation in the Trust Committee indicates. Worth noting in the above linked PDF is the amount of money FB&T could make (or was actually making) from several area pension plans as once again the Southern Baptists prove no one saves more than they, though the Sewage and Water Board has a nice fat pension asset base as well. Continue reading “If not for a conflict of interest Aaron Broussard would’ve had no interest at all: My Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak sends these documents for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation”