In case you were wondering where @PastorTonySpell stood on his pretrial release order

Social media does make the world much smaller. We were out yesterday morning highlighting some topical news and punditry. By yesterday evening twitter sent the notification. I personally haven’t really chimed in on this particular local news story besides highlighting the news coverage but I’ll admit to a certain amount of reticence as locking up Ministers of the Gospel carries profound constitutional implications, especially when some home cooking is involved. In any event, what I think is Pastor Spell’s Twitter account in his own words:

That Pesky First Amendment comes up again…..

Here at Slabbed we’re the proverbial tip of the spear on the topic of other countries trying to force their speech mores on our constitutionally guaranteed rights here in the US. Just a few weeks ago the cartoon series South Park was banned in China because of a side-splitting funny episode involving Randy Marsh selling his Colorado weed there. Very recently the subject reared its head again with the NBA, Lebron and Enes Kanter, again with China and Chinese censors as the focal point. Lebron wants everyone to shut up and count the money while Kanter understands that Freedom is not free. When it comes to political expression (or covering a crooked local politician) I personally don’t give a damn what the Chinese think.

Last week there was a dust up at the Bay-Waveland School District involving a family that is not religious (whose name was mentioned in comments here) and the “establishment clause”, one of the 6 rights contained in the first amendment:

(1) the right to be free from governmental establishment of religion (the “Establishment Clause”)
(2) the right to be free from governmental interference with the practice of religion (the “Free Exercise Clause”)
(3) the right to free speech
(4) the right to freedom of the press
(5) the right to assemble peacefully (which includes the right to associate freely with whomever one chooses)
(6) the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Secular humanist group wants religion taken out of Bay-Waveland school system ~ Cassandra Favre

Some of the complaints listed by Appignani Humanist Legal Center of the American Humanist Association have legal legs as teachers should refrain from sharing their religious views in the school house. Outside of the school house is a different story which would explain why Reverend Reed pushed back so hard against the notion that a voluntary prayer breakfast his church hosts for the football team crosses any lines because it doesn’t in my opinion. Continue reading “That Pesky First Amendment comes up again…..”

The 1st Amendment under attack by the City of Bay St Louis, A Place Apart | Updated

First up with the debut of the LesLie Mobile, an act of political expression by local resident Jeff Harding aka the Poolman. Slabbed was there to cover it in Old Town Bay St Louis last Saturday:

The people I saw looking at the vehicle thought it was pretty funny, after all it is far better to laugh than cry at the current state of affairs in the Bay:

Let’s circle the LesLie Mobile for now and fast forward to last night’s Bay St Louis Council Budget Workshop: Continue reading “The 1st Amendment under attack by the City of Bay St Louis, A Place Apart | Updated”


At the end of the day green is the primary reason for being in business. It is the prime directive. Even not-for-profits must be green to survive because economically it is the only way to insure the mission is self-perpetuated in our (supposed) market economy.

But now the Gov and the legislature, pandering to the very worst in base, petty human emotion have insured that the trailer trash element in our state can use their supposed religious beliefs to deny service to those that offend their self-righteous, faux Christian sensibilities despite Federal laws that clearly state the contrary.

House Bill 1523 brings into sharp focus why Mississippi leads the nation in the export of Human Capital who escape a place that legislates ignorance in the name of ole time religion. And while these new style Mississippi Republicans certainly know how to pander to the majority of those who stayed, I submit they know jack shit about the Constitution.

I’m proud to disclose I have a client on the Sun Herald list of business that understand Green. I’d submit the very act of having to advertise that you serve everyone with green is a sure sign of an overall hostile business climate. For those that depend upon tourism to make their green, things are certain to get worse while ignorance reigns supreme at the Capitol.

Just another day in a darn busy week

And last night around 11:00pm Slabbed went off line but no one visiting at that late hour had any idea due to the wonders of a global CDN we now use. Even better, I’m now proficient enough in command line Linux to actually diagnose and fix the problem. The exercise brings back memories of using MS-DOS with 5 and a quarter inch floppies and programming in Basic back in 1984.

In any event how about some links. First up for those wanting to find out if government sponsored entertainment events/concerts makes sense financially check this out:

Report: Biloxi concert generated positive feedback but not revenue ~ Mary Perez

I personally have no problems with public funds underwriting civic events once in a while to mark special occasions but anyone that thinks these type of expenditures makes any sort of economic sense doesn’t understand basic finance or economics.

Now some more links, first up from ignorance of the First Amendment is no excuse files:

U.S. Judge Upholds Right to Scrawl Nasty Note on Speeding Ticket Payment ~ Benjamin Weiser

The best of the rest:

Experts: Talk now about drastic changes, or deal with coastal crisis later ~ Bob Marshall Continue reading “Just another day in a darn busy week”

Slabbed calls bullshit on Kim Davis and certain Christian denominations that want to impose their own version of Sharia Law on everyone

Kim Davis Mugger | Guilty of Civil Contempt of Court
Kim Davis Mugger | Guilty of Civil Contempt of Court

From a big picture standpoint the rhetoric you hear from Davis’ supporters could be easily mistaken for something you’d hear out of the Taliban because what is being couched as a defense of religious liberty is really an attack on the fundamental liberties that are guaranteed to every citizen under the First Amendment to the Constitution, an amendment we at Slabbed New Media know a thing or two about.

First I do not know who appointed the Apostolic Church as the spokespersons for Christianity because they do not speak for the Catholics and many other denominations that do not seek to impose by force of the government their personal religious viewpoints on nonbelievers and that is exactly what Kim Davis was doing by denying marriage licenses to the her constituents in Rowan County Kentucky because she did not personally agree with the Supreme Court ruling on Gay Marriage.

Even worse she openly disregards the very Oath of Office she swore before God but to the extent this lady and her numerous previous divorces that included infidelity well qualified her more to be a guest on the Jerry Springer show more so than local Clerk of Court I guess this should not surprise anyone.

Davis strikes me as a good ol’ girl with a weak mind that is taking some very bad advice from a special interest group closely affiliated with Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University that is now trying to spin Davis into some sort of martyr for refusing to discharge the sworn duties of her office denying access to everyone wanting a marriage license in Rowan County. Thank God we have more responsible public officials here in Mississippi.

Here are some links: Continue reading “Slabbed calls bullshit on Kim Davis and certain Christian denominations that want to impose their own version of Sharia Law on everyone”

Deprivation of Civil Rights under the Color of Law: A Primer for Bay St Louis City Officials Part 1 (Updated)

Word got out fast about yesterday’s Municipal Court proceedings, in particular the case of local businessman Jeff Harding, who was recently expelled from a City Council meeting for alleged shooting the bird at Council President Bobby Compretta and ticketed for disturbing the peace. Yesterday, municipal court Judge Steve Maggio sentenced Harding to 180 days jail with 150 days suspended, 24 months supervised probation, plus a prohibition against entering any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages, abstention from the use of alcoholic beverages, a $500 fine and $200 per month to ASAP.

There is only one problem with this prosecution and one that could create a bill that the taxpayers of Bay St Louis could well end up footing in the denial of Mr. Harding’s right to political expression. I know a few things about this topic and I did not have to look hard to find some links:

Is It Legal to Flip Off a Cop? ~ Avvo Naked Law

Court: Flipping the bird at a cop doesn’t warrant arrest ~ NBC News

A New York man arrested after he gave the finger to a police officer can sue police for malicious prosecution, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday, overturning a lower-court decision that deemed the officer’s response reasonable.

In its decision, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that giving someone the finger is an “ancient gesture of insult” and “is not the basis for a reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or impending criminal activity.”

This latest bit of jackassery from our local elected officials is certain to dominate the news. These fails would not sting quite so badly if they weren’t all self-inflicted. Stay tuned.

Update: Continue reading “Deprivation of Civil Rights under the Color of Law: A Primer for Bay St Louis City Officials Part 1 (Updated)”

Continued criticism of Bay-Waveland School Sup’s Partisan Political Activity

Bay-Waveland School Board member criticizes ‘politics’ ~ Geoff Belcher

My own opinion is Board Prez Sherry Ponder has lots to learn about both the Hatch Act and the First Amendment but that is another post. Board Member Maurice Singleton works at the Seacoast Echo, Board Prez Ponder is married to the publisher by way of background.

Here are Board member Mike Bell’s full comments:

As most of you may know, our Superintendent was recently involved in the rebuttal to the Governor’s State of the State address.

I am personally upset with our Superintendents involvement in this political partisan production. Instead of the usual live rebuttal on the house floor, they employed a video production unlike any I have ever seen.

Instead of her remarks focusing on educational issues like we were led to believe they would, and which we the Board of Trustees approved, the comments ran the political spectrum of states issues, government accountability, corruption, unemployment, medical care, hospitals, crumbling infrastructure, gas prices, nuclear waste, the department of transportation and women in the workforce. Continue reading “Continued criticism of Bay-Waveland School Sup’s Partisan Political Activity”

In other news, South Mississippi’s fluffer Congressman comes out of hiding

And folks he takes credit for fixing the disaster he created in Biggert Waters. The jackassery simply does not get any better IMHO:

Palazzo touts accomplishments, fight for flood insurance, against Obamacare~ Paul Hampton

Moving right along I smell “Big Dawg” and from the smell of ’em I think he has been cavorting with skunks:

Political play could block Zurich Classic from moving to new City Park golf course ~ Jeff Duncan

Nothing against Dunc as he is a decent enough sports writer but this story should have gone to someone else at NOLA. Just sayin’. Speaking of crack, seasoned journalists:

New details emerge in Jaren Lockhart’s murder and dismemberment case ~ Paul Purpura

I’m personally very leery of jailhouse confessions. Now from the bad days just got worse for Ray Ray the former Chocolatier:

Federal judge orders Ray Nagin to forfeit $501,201 ~ Gordon Russell

Finally, speaking of Gordon:

Reporters, FBI agents to face questions Wednesday at Telly Hankton hearing ~ Manuel Torres