Welp, the sharks are really circling Walter Reed now…..

He can’t say that he didn’t get some good advice as the sharks are circling and lynch mob gathering:

Feds investigating St. Tammany DA Walter Reed and his son, Steven Reed, subpoena reveals ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

St. Tammany district attorney target of FBI investigation ~ Mike Perlstein

Subpoena shows feds are scrutinizing Tammany DA Walter Reed ~ Sara Pagones

Reed is likely to find the exact quality of mercy he afforded to so many perpetrators in St Slammany. Something tells me he will not like the taste of his own medicine. Stay tuned.

Ninja lawyer front and center……

Attorney’s tactics aimed at ex-colleagues ~ Jeff Adelson

I’ll be honest and say after reading Adelson’s piece, which focused on USA v Howard, that I was left with conflicted emotions and thoughts. The bottom line is barring some sort of miracle the Advocate’s Gordon Russell and John Simerman will be testifying about their meetings with FBI agents.

To me, to understand Gibbens is to understand the snake pit that was the NOLA US Attorney’s office, which saw way more than its fair share of top shelf talent cycle through the doors for over a decade Gibbens being a prime example.  He’s hooked up with the right people to insure he remains at the epicenter of the high-end NOLA criminal defense scene.

Stay tuned.

The reason I made a point to stay away from Matt of Mississippi during the DMR Investigation…..

Those of you following the DMR Investigation on a more personal level know Matt. I stayed as far away from the guy as I could in favor of raking my muck the old fashioned way. Why? Because at the end of this if the Government prosecution of the Walkers ends up FUBAR I’m no where near ground zero. Following is the worst that can happen when accused murderers for an organized crime ring seize the ol’ playing on the internet life ring:


Here in the 5th Circuit each and every one of them media guys mentioned above, as good as they are at their craft, can be hauled into court and made to spill their guts as there is no shield in the 5th Circuit for journalists in criminal matters. Here is the latest folks and it makes me sick to my stomach:

Click to obtain 202 page pdf
Click to obtain 202 page pdf

USA v Howard Doc 504

As for me, I’m still staying as far away from Matt as I can.

Inside the investigation: Who tattooed Scott Walker’s mortgage on the lot that DMR purchased via the Land Trust

Vital background via Anita Lee can be found here.

The land deal closed 12 days before Scott Walker’s final, lump-sum payment was due on a loan at Merchants & Marine Bank, Jackson County land records show.

Walker had used the property in July 2008 as collateral on a $310,590 loan, which called for monthly payments of $2,775. The balance and all interest payments were due July 25, 2011, although the terms did allow for loan extension or modification.

Tattoo? I heard that word most from investment bankers doing M&A work a decade or so ago. Tatoos are not easily removed, especially those given a bank by a family member to induce the extension of credit to someone that is not otherwise creditworthy enough on their own to nab a $310,590 loan.

Stay tuned.

South Coast Today issues a retraction on the Broussard saga: Slabbed compares and contrasts (Updated)

Retraction & apology

February 26, 2013 – 09:01 — Timothy Gillespie

In a story published on February 25, 2013, SCT stated that New Orleans lawyer Danny Abel was once a law partner of former Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard. Court records forwarded to SCT show that Mr. Abel has stated under oath in an affidavit filed in a Mississippi Court that he has never been a law partner of Aaron Broussard. We regret the error and apologize to both Mr. Abel and Mr. Broussard for any embarassment caused by the error..

This fact I will verify, Danny Abel has submitted a very curious affidavit in my SPEECH Act case that says exactly that. Now what does the official court record in Louisiana say? Continue reading “South Coast Today issues a retraction on the Broussard saga: Slabbed compares and contrasts (Updated)”

Thursday Music: Dedicated to Roger, Sharon, Billy Wayne and Donald Ray

Guys when one of the people you can give the FBI squeals, you’ll truly enter the house of pain.  I do not know who has been blowing smoke up your collective asses but ask Mark St Pierre how well covering for Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy went for him.

Folks, Slabbed will be covering some hometown news soon as the very open secret that the FBI has been crawling all over the new Hancock County Government Annex and putting the squeeze on certain sitting local politicians will be bearing journalistic fruit.

Meantime Roger Ladner, his wife and two brothers, three families total, are fixing to be crushed covering for others. Michael Newsom has the skinny for the Sun Herald.


And the word for the day is Transparency…….

Transparency: trans·par·en·cy

The full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information. Example: The disclosure of a relevent and ongoing federal investigation.

Hopefully, since the gang at Team River Birch is suddenly now interested in doing their business dealings with the Parish “publicly and openly” Continue reading “And the word for the day is Transparency…….”

Thank God for Arizona Part 3: Blaming the surge in drug violence on the Mexicans. God damn the pusher man (and his U.S. banker).

But now we live in debased times,
Sans punishment to fit our crimes
Our moral compass has got lost,
Or on the rubbish heap been tossed.
As in this cautionary tale of bankers,
Who came to look like social cankers.

You will all know the basic story,
In all its venal details, gory.
Of how a bunch of peerless clowns
Despite degrees – from Yale to Brown –
Behaved like schoolboys in the lab,
When teacher’s gone to smoke a fag……..

Their attitudes were so repulsive
The public backlash grew convulsive,
And dimly seeing that their wages
Just might be threatened by these rages,
Self-interest prompted some to say
“We’re sorry” – in a muted way. Continue reading “Thank God for Arizona Part 3: Blaming the surge in drug violence on the Mexicans. God damn the pusher man (and his U.S. banker).”

So Ed Meese wants to talk “conservative values”. Is drug running conservative? Slabbed reports you decide.

Barry Seal, after the hit

This has been an exceptionally brutal week at for me as is normal for a private practice CPA in February. In my world Mardi Gras day is simply another workday and I’m lucky if I can make it to get some ashes the next day.  As is often the case with some of the topics we cover on Slabbed our posts derive from what are seemingly unrelated subjects and indeed some of our best blogging IMHO has derived from such serendipitous events. So a late night glance at a recent WaPo story re-printed in the Nation and World section of the Sun Herald earlier this week which mentioned Ed Meese coupled with me researching a tip that Lewis Unglesby (of Slabbed butt call fame) was part of the legal team involved on the back end of the Sherry murders is the genesis of this post.

So what does Ed Meese have to do with Lewis Unglesby and conservative values? How about drug running for starters as we take a look back in time to the mid 1980s and examine the case of CIA operative Barry Seal, specifically his murder, which was pinned on the Columbian Drug cartels. The Washington Weekly told the story about a decade later in August 1997 and it is there we begin:

“The biggest drug smuggler in American History was a CIA Agent.”

That’s the mind-boggling conclusion of a 6-month investigation into the life and death of Barry Seal, a pivotal figure of the Iran/Contra ’80s. Seal’s C123 military cargo plane figured prominently in two of the biggest and least-understood events of the decade, the Sandinista ‘drug- sting’ operation, designed to be the ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incident’ in a US- Nicaragua war, and the downing, six months after Seal’s assassination, of his beloved Fat Lady cargo plane over Nicaragua, with Eugene Hasenfus onboard, precipitating what came to be known, mistakenly, as Iran/Contra.

We have learned that the official cover-up of Seal’s CIA affiliation began before his body was cold. Continue reading “So Ed Meese wants to talk “conservative values”. Is drug running conservative? Slabbed reports you decide.”