Why the FBI raid on Paul Manafort’s home has great significance

A prosecutor or litigant for that matter can issue a subpoena fairly easily and there no no real burden of proof beyond the information sought being germane to the proceedings.

Search Warrants OTOH require both a Judge’s OK and probable cause, which the folks at find law define for search warrant purposes:

Probable cause to search exists when facts and circumstances known to the officer provide the basis for a reasonable person to believe that a crime was committed at the place to be searched, or that evidence of a crime exists at the location.

Search warrants must specify the place to be searched, as well as items to be seized.

I have a pet theory about Vlad Putin’s puppets in the White House. Continue reading “Why the FBI raid on Paul Manafort’s home has great significance”

Not even the Scientologists can help now….

No siree folks because there is blood in the water and more sharks are circling “St Slammany” D.A. Walter Reed:

St. Tammany DA Reed got break on property taxes ~ Sara Pagones and Katie Moore

Of course he did. And as a bonus we get to recycle former St Tammany Tax Assessor Patricia Schwarz Core. Core’s name bring back memories for me including a couple of very salacious stories that I absolutely believe due to the nature of the sourcing. Then again she is yesterday’s out of touch politician so I won’t share the memories.

Back to Reed, these latest revelations come on the heels of a topic I did not have time to tackle here on Slabbed last week:

FBI agents visit Tammany DA Walter Reed’s office ~ Faimon Roberts and Sara Pagones

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Not to be outdone by the new royal baby, the royal babies……..

On the Jefferson Parish Council arrived by helicopter for a weekend of debauchery in Grand Isle before shamelessly using the tragic murder of Ahlitta North to bash Parish Prez John Young and the code enforcement department.  I guess Chris Roberts and company liked it better back in the olden days when the person in charge of code was carrying on a torrid extramarital affair with a certain Parish Attorney.

Newbie Adriane Quinlan has all the jackassery and more for NOLA Media Group.

Next up is the brawl in Kenna as Walt Bennetti has throw down the gauntlet and challenged Greg Buisson to a cyber fight.  I have Walt on speed dial and I have Greg on speed dial but mainly I’m gonna enjoy watching the donnybrook because after all, its Kenna Bra.  😉


In other news, yes I have been keeping up with the latest wetlands lawsuit filed by the East Bank Levee Board. Bobby Jindal remains a self serving narcissist and shoeshine boy to the oil industry.

Finally I’d like to say it is pretty much an open secret that the FBI has resumed poking around the Yenni Building and the betting money is on JPAC.

DMR Scandal Day 88: Screwing the pooch starring Billy Walker, the FBI and the Chipper

Yesterday Karen Nelson added some color to the unfolding federal investigation into the DMR friends and family program disclosing a few things, one of which we knew in a general sense and one that we did not know. First off is the factoid we did not know:

The Director of the Land Trust for the Coastal Plain, Judy Steckler, appears to have a problem telling the truth about the Land Trust’s involvement as a financial intermediary in the DMR purchase of Former DMR Executive Director Bill Walker’s son Scott’s piece of land on Bayou Porteaux.  Once known as a nonprofit with a sterling reputation the Land Trust has taking a major and well deserved beating for their role in what strongly appears to be a sophisticated, criminal enterprise.  After yesterday’s story I do not see how the Land Trust can keep Ms. Steckler as its executive director but as we saw with the CMR it is possible the Board of Trustees of the Land Trust remains firmly in denial, in the process breaching their fiduciary duty to the organization.

Finally Nelson tells us in detail the FBI’s role in the investigation and one of the leads they are chasing using the same investigative technique the FBI used in the neighborhood canvas.  It appears Bill Walker’s son Scott may need fabled beltway criminal defense attorney Bernie Grimm’s services again as the FBI has taken an interest in the DMR’s purchase of Walker’s lot.  It is not much of a stretch to extrapolate that CIAP director Tina Shumate and her purchase of her parent’s property is also under the same scrutiny.  How Shumate remains at DMR drawing a paycheck defies the imagination.

Next up Michael Newsom takes a stab at the DMR purchase of the old Winn Dixie property in the Pass.  A couple of things stuck out at me the first being that the story photo appears to be the property across the street from the parcel purchased by DMR. Following is an aerial photo of the location with the slab and parking lot of the old Winn Dixie still visible.

Harrison Co Tax Map DMR Winn Dixie Property
Arial photo of the old Pass Winn Dixie property and the lot across Henderson Ave. Source: Harrison County Tax Assessor Online Tax Maps

We’ve been here and done this property on Slabbed way back on November 5 of last year. The Sun Herald protected the identity of the beneficiary of this DMR friends and family program purchase, Jackson based developer Gary Cress in their story. I well remember when the Pass Winn Dixie closed a month or so before Katrina. Cress was planning to develop the parcel into condos. The parcel across Henderson Avenue sold the summer before Hurricane Katrina for $800,000 with an eye toward the same purpose.

The $800,000 parcel on the right, over 3 acres of land, is lower in elevation than the Cress parcel and had never been developed since Hurricane Camille for that reason.  It would seem to fit the DMR criteria for land purchases better than the old Winn Dixie site. It should also be lost on no one that land values on the Mississippi Coast reached their zenith that summer before Katrina as condomania swept the land.  Today the parcel on the right is for sale by owner and I’m guessing the reason it has not sold, despite being on the market close to 7 years, is due to overvaluation associated with the original purchase in the summer of 2005. Continue reading “DMR Scandal Day 88: Screwing the pooch starring Billy Walker, the FBI and the Chipper”

Lifestyles of the rich and famous: Who owns the Monroe Mansion that was raided last week by the FBI in connection with the River Birch Scheme?

Note to this post:

The hat tip for this post goes to a reader who did some exhaustive internet sleuthing.  We hope our readers can fill in the gaps. ~ sop

It is no secret that Fred and Jennifer Heebe moved to 5531 St Charles Avenue in early 2009. The question is do they really own the property and what role does the mansion’s former owner play with respect to the property today? To wit:

Yes the Heebe’s are there as evidenced by this and this (we previously highlighted the second link in connection with a Desiree Rogers post I did back in the late spring).

At the end of this article by the T-P’s Kate Moran Jennifer Sneed Heebe confirms her and her hubby Fred are in the process of buying the house.

Here is where it begins to get murky.  According to the Orleans Parish Tax Assessor the property is owned by 5531 St Charles Avenue, LLC which lists the property’s previous owner, Susan D Krohn on the mailing address. The Secretary of State shows 5531 St Charles Ave LLC as having a sole member, BLU, LLC.  I could not find anything on BLU at the Louisiana Secretary of State Website. Continue reading “Lifestyles of the rich and famous: Who owns the Monroe Mansion that was raided last week by the FBI in connection with the River Birch Scheme?”

Ummm Ashton, we finally found out where the “[email protected] D%&m FBI” has been….

Special agents need lovin’ too. Bruce Alpert at the Times Picayune has the story:

As the corruption case against former Rep. William Jefferson was about to go to trial in June, prosecutors learned from their star witness that she had had a sexual relationship with the undercover FBI agent who drove her to all the meetings where she secretly taped and delivered cash to the New Orleans Democrat

But according to court documents unsealed last week, the FBI and its Office of Professional Responsibility knew at least as far back as last December that the agent, John Guandolo, “had had an intimate relationship with a confidential source that he thought could damage an investigation.” But they never passed that information to the U.S. attorney’s office prosecuting Jefferson or the lead FBI agent in the investigation.

The failure to provide the court and the prosecutors with such explosive information raises questions about FBI conduct, even as the revelation about Guandolo’s relationship with Lori Mody, the northern Virginia businesswoman at the center of the Jefferson probe, adds a new layer of intrigue to the case.

It also shows how the actions of a single agent could have wrecked the long and meticulous Justice Department pursuit of Jefferson. Mody did not testify at the trial, but the tapes she secretly recorded were allowed to be played for the jury and were a key to the conviction of the nine-term congressman on 11 of 16 corruption charges. Continue reading “Ummm Ashton, we finally found out where the “[email protected] D%&m FBI” has been….”