Retaliation or Bad Work? Local businessman arrested, charged with False Pretense

Keith Marquar's Mugger via the Sea Coast Echo
Keith Marquar’s Mugger via HCSO and the Sea Coast Echo

Did everyone catch that local businessman Keith Marquar was arrested back on the 24th by the Hancock County Sheriff’s office? When I was told about it I immediately checked the Echo’s website but had no luck because, online at least, the story was buried. Luckily a good Samaritan sent me the link to the most popular story on the Sea Coast Echo’s website and that despite the fact it never appeared on the front page of the website that I could tell.

Even more interesting is the social media chatter locally, with public opinion seemingly split with a healthy percentage of those commenting  thinking the arrest is retaliation against Marquar for filing a 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 lawsuit against the City of Bay St Louis, Mayor Mike Favre and former Councilman Lonnie Falgout. Such is a reasonable conclusion from reading Stacey Cato’s story because about two thirds of it rehashes Marquar’s civil suit against the City, which was filed last month in Federal court. The story also did not name the person who swore the complaint against Marquar, ostensibly because Don Bass of HCSO refused to name the lady, whose name did appear on Facebook.

Let’s imagine for a second that the Echo’s story were limited to Marquar’s arrest and included the name of his alleged victim. Continue reading “Retaliation or Bad Work? Local businessman arrested, charged with False Pretense”

Because he’s our huckleberry: Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis indicted

I’ve been following the continuing saga of “nutty small town Mayor” Greg Davis but since I’ve been tending a Goat roast down here with my peeps in Southeast Louisiana the story has fallen by the wayside here at Slabbed but the origin of the “nutty” quote above needs addressing on two fronts because that verbiage came in the form of an email from a gay member of the Slabbed Nation to me several months ago.

It should come as no surprise Slabbed has an alternative lifestyle division and I in fact encourage it as pretty much everyone, regardless of race, color, creed, orientation etc etc etc wants to see the systemic corruption here down south cleaned up.  That said a couple of my peeps in alternative lifestyle opined to me that I had been a bit hard on Davis.  I mean heck Slabbed outed him and I explained why it was salient to the story, that “unshareable need” thing auditors like to yammer about.  And Slabbed was there when Davis joined the Log Cabin Republicans and this was newsworthy as he originally ran for congress in 2008 as a family values social conservative. Finally, despite the well documented differences between Slabbed New Media and the Goatherder Nation, I actually suggested Davis take a vacation in Nova Scotia since it was alleged Davis spent tax money from the City of Southhaven’s treasury in Canadian sex shops.

If legendary Slabbed commenter Hendry Jones were here his use of the dreaded “S word” would not be too strong a choice to describe what Davis has done to the taxpayers of Southaven, Mississippi.  As such my reply to the reader email was short and completely true dat because Slabbed is “hard on all its subjects”.  I don’t play favorites as it just isn’t how I roll.  Once you land on the Slabb the scrutiny is likely to be intense.

So why do  bring this all back up? Mainly because Holbrook Mohr is reporting Davis has been indicted for spending public money at Canadian sex shops.  And to think he had only resigned and paid the money back…….

Questions, comments, criticisms and rotten tomatoes from Hendry all welcome in comments.  😉