Other Voices | Eye Spy: Failure to confront evil contributes to failure of war on terror

My Fellow Americans,

I would recommend any reader of Slabbed Nation to click on the link below and read this touching and very real story. I encourage all who read it, to read each and every word to get the full effect: I promise you’ll be enlightened as to what our military solders are facing.

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies ~ Joseph Goldstein

I am all for the war on terror but I have personally felt the way it has been handled has been incorrect. Among other things, we have solders being sent to the front lines to battle radical Islam but are told to ignore evil acts of humanity occurring right before their eyes. I am sure some people will jump up and automatically blame Obama but these little political games most likely have been happening for years in different shapes and forms. These political games
never would have been accepted during World War II or Korea. It seems that our solders are now required to complete a detailed checklist each and every time prior to firing a shot at the real enemy that threatens them or other innocent people. If any minute detail is missed then they are often subjected to extreme disciplinary action by our own government.

Our own people are toeing the lines fighting against evil regimes and acts against humanity but are told to ignore local elites who are getting blow jobs from little boys while shackling others. Continue reading “Other Voices | Eye Spy: Failure to confront evil contributes to failure of war on terror”

Eye Spy with my little eyes……

There must be nothing more low-down in Supervisor John McKay’s world than “fictions names”.

Screen Cap Courtesy of a Reader
Facebook Screen Cap Courtesy of a Reader

I’ll admit that I met Frank Leach many years ago up in Jackson at continuing education (I mean many years ago). I made such an impression Frank didn’t remember making my acquaintance but we did get reacquainted back in January if I remember right. In any event I suspect the real Eye Spy would be amused to know he has managed to get under Supervisor McKay’s skin.

So who is Eye Spy? I am in a position to answer that question and I’m giving a hint below the jump. Continue reading “Eye Spy with my little eyes……”