Team Tranny deposes the “NOLA JD Mystery John”

And the docket has some very interesting entries on it dating to last month.  I’m not gonna recap this saga but those that want to catch up should click the post tags for the details of a California hookup gone bad, a well hung Tranny, anal discomfort and allegations of extortion.

Here is a screen capture of the docket, which is listing returned mail and hearing cancellations:

Tranny Docket

Slabbed has quietly kept up with the criminal case and hopes to add a bit more to the discussion in the next few months. Stay tuned.

Bring out the condemned…….

I have my own initial thoughts on the Sheriff Mike Byrd indictment but I’m interested in what the community thinks so I’ll save my thoughts for later.  Since my interpretation is that the community on this topic is of the hanging variety let’s start off with some lovely hanging music.

Next up is the mugshot because everyone loves mugshots. Continue reading “Bring out the condemned…….”

Slabbed updates the case of the Tranny and the NOLA JD Mystery John: Tranny back in da Pokey!

Folks it is very hard to stand trial in one county when you land in the pokey in another.  I checked the docket in Orange County Florida to see the results of the Extorting Tranny Trial only to find that Terrill Lewis landed in jail in Lee County Florida on a criminal traffic and misdemeanor charges thus the Tranny Extortion trial has been pushed back to December!

Things are certainly not looking good for Team Tranny. Stay tuned.

Slabbed updates the case of the extorting Tranny: Trial set for February 25, 2013

More interesting is the email I got from a reader in Orange County Florida that offered to score me all the paperwork right down to the name of the mystery John. Let’s set the alarms for February 25, 2013 and pop some popcorn shall we.

So here I am, sitting at a major crossroads in Slabbed’s coverage of the scandal in Jefferson Parish…..

Vaughn Perret, Daniel G. “Danny” Abel and Charles Leary posing for the business media in Nova Scotia at Trout Point Lodge

And guys I’m agonizing because I’ve had a comprehensive post in drafts since August detailing the retaliation against anyone who has covered or spoken out on the massive political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish by Aaron Broussard and his band of Goatherders.  The original plan, based upon the advice of my lawyer Bobby Truitt was to roll it out after I won my SPEECH Act case against Broussard’s business agents/co-conspirators in Canada, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret.  For reasons I can’t go into at this time (and frankly I may never be able to go into) I’m still holding said post, which documents the events in detail.  It will roll folks, that I promise.

But there is more because of Mark Moseley’s recent Lens column on internet commenter Jack, whom most everyone that is paying attention has deduced is Sal Perricone myself included.  It is no secret I want to visit with Sal and to the extent he honors his ethical obligations as an attorney, he has the same rights as everyone else to express his opinions as he sees fit.  But alas there is an investigation ongoing into the commenting scandal at the US Attorney’s office thus this Manuel Torres story for NOLA yesterday puts the stakes for everyone involved in that fight in perspective as the defamation suit Heebe v Perricone has been stayed by mutual request of the litigants.

Speaking of that investigation I can confirm the Department of Justice is crawling every square inch of Slabbed looking for evidence of grand jury leaks with particular emphasis on my composite source, the Legendary Wino of Lafayette Square.  I think this diligence is a good thing because DoJ DC is taking the investigation very seriously and they should.  I’d like to add that I do not expect to be subpoenaed by Team Horn. I absolutely love the fact officialdom thinks enough of Slabbed’s comprehensive post archives on the corruption scandal in Metro New Orleans to read it in detail.

But Jack is still on my mind because Jack, post employment of course, had other handles that he used on Slabbed and what the guy had to say, I thought was highly enlightening.  So I have a conundrum, do I out Jack’s other alias to make a very important, albeit self serving point or do I leave it be and file it under the sanctity of commenting on Slabbed.  I mean Perricone was way on the inside of the investigation back in the day Continue reading “So here I am, sitting at a major crossroads in Slabbed’s coverage of the scandal in Jefferson Parish…..”

Tranny extortion gone bad: A periodic update on the case of the Tranny and NOLA JD Mystery John

Sometimes folks, in order to fully tell the story, one must post a link to a web page that contains full frontal nudity.

I mention this because while we’ve messed around with an occasional page three picture, we’ve never featured one of our subjects in the buff, especially a race car drivin’ prominent lawyer extorting Tranny. There is a first time for everything I reckon. Continue reading “Tranny extortion gone bad: A periodic update on the case of the Tranny and NOLA JD Mystery John”